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WWII - 1943 U.S. News Review: Timor Raiders; Army Salvage; Microfilming Books R1 of 2

Reel Number: 221751-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943,1940s

Country: Australia,Indonesia,USA

Location: Aberdeen Proving Grounds,DC,Maryland,Pacific,Timor Island,Washington

TC Begins: 14:00:09

TC Ends: 14:09:48

Duration: 00:09:39

WWII - 1943 U.S. News Review: Timor Raiders; Army Salvage; Microfilming Books 14:00:21 Intertitle: Raiders of Timor, The Map of Australia & island of Timor. LS thru mountain valley, pack animals in jungle; natives & soldiers moving thru, MCU eating, baby crocodile, drinking, showering w/ natives. Capt. Baldwin, Private Weekly, Charlie & Stan ??. Looking at map; moving thru jungle & fighting guerilla warfare. Torching village. Building radio, signaling Darwin, talking & Australian responding, taking notes 14:03:58 Relief plane overhead, men reading mail. Major Ludlow shaking hands. 14:04:33 Intertitle: Army Salvage. Pan stockpile of shells, barrels, tanks etc gathered at Aberdeen Proving Grounds from museums, parks, etc. moved w/ electromagnet on crane; old tanks lowered by crane, steam tractors, cannonballs, WW1 mortars on freight cars, German tractors from collectors, tanks. Cutting to pieces large WW1 guns. GOOD 14:07:34 Intertitle: We Guard Britain’s Books. 13May33 German book burning by Nazis stamped w/ swastika. Nazi firebomb raid / blitz. 14:08:11 Books, microfilming on large camera stand in London. US soldiers w/ V-Mail microfilm; crates of microfilm moved to Library of Congress. Librarian checking in rolls of microfilm, woman at large viewer. CU card catalog index. Original microfilm filed on shelves. 14:09:35 Text of Winston Churchill quote: Books in all their variety offer the means whereby civilisation may be carried triumphantly forward.” WW2; Jungle Fighting; Scrap Metal; Iron; Steel Reclamation; Anglo-American Special Relationship; Cultural Preservation; 1940s; NOTE: Sold at per reel rate.

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