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WWII - 1945, Churchill, Ike, Bradley & others Visits XVI Corp; Glider Retrieval Used For Wounded

Reel Number: 250078-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Germany

Location: Lintfort,RHeinbneitbach

TC Begins: 10:08:27

TC Ends: 10:20:22

Duration: 00:11:55

WWII - 1945, Churchill, Ike, Bradley & others Visits XVI Corp; Glider Retrieval Used For Wounded Slate: Camera, J. Perry. Churchill visits XVI Corps Roll #1 25Mar45 Motorcade of jeeps & sedans w/ General Eisenhower, Bradley & Lt. Gen. William Simpson arriving, Churchill arriving w/ Montgomery. 10:09:27 Good group shots of the leaders & officers; CU of Montgomery 10:09:54 Nice shots of Churchill talking & gesturing w/ Eisenhower. Bradley talking w/ Gen. Percy Hobart, Simpson talking w/ Montgomery; Repeat Bradley & General Percy Hobart 10:11:09 Churchill, Ike & ?? walking, talk. Down steps of Eisenhower’s HQ followed by others. 10:12:09 Churchill eating an outside lunch w/ other officers. 10:12:41 Prepare to leave, nice CUs of Churchill. Cars leaving, Rolls Royce w/ British flag. NOTE: Operation Plunder was joint British & American crossing of Rhine River on 24th & part of larger Operation Varsity. After lunch Churchill, Montgomery & Ike went to Rhine, then Churchill, Montgomery & officers w/ guards commandeered a launch & crossed river for 30 minutes; visited destroyed railroad bridge at Wesel. 10:13:46 Glider Retrieval Used For Wounded. Rheinbneitbach, Germany 22Mar45 Camera Stillings. 1st US Army w/ glider landing past camera to retrieve wounded; crew out, nose opened & equipment unloaded. 10:14:53 Slate: same. Jeep tows glider as soldiers carry tail. Ambulance backed to glider & stretchers from ambulance carried into glider. Nose closed, C-47 low & snatches plane off / picked up. CUs of wounded in plane & attaching tow rope to glider. 10:17:05 Slate: M. Fleming, 22Mar45. Ground to air shot of C-47 towing glider. 10:17:20 Glider approaching to land, landing, nose opened & gear removed; jeep towing, turning glider & rope stretched for retrieval. Framework set up and glider rope attached. 10:19:16 Slate: same. C-47 w/ hook below low over; glider beginning takeoff past camera. 10:19:33 Glider side-door opening, two men out; jeep pulling glider. 10:19:49 Medics unloading injured on stretcher from ambulance seen from inside glider; tying down stretcher in glider. WW2; Europe; Germany; Ruhr Pocket;

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