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WWII - 1945, Conferences, Germany: Potsdam. 11-17Jul45

Reel Number: 250223-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945,1940s

Country: England,Germany,United Kingdom,USA,USSR

Location: Potsdam

TC Begins: 18:41:43

TC Ends: 18:46:12

Duration: 00:04:29

WWII - 1945, Conferences, Germany: Potsdam. 11-17Jul45 Slate: Camera T/4 Hudson, 11Jul45. Military at rectangle table. 18:41:59 Entrance, large bronze doors, w/ Soviet sentries outside ??. Plinth w/ four small Allied flags. MLS w/ delegates cars parked in front. Soviet officers standing & walking; soldier smoking. 18:42:48 Slate: same. Stalin & Truman out of ?? & wave, Secretary of State James Byrnes & Molotov follow, pose & walk down steps & pose . Military cameramen. CUs w/ Admiral King. 18:43:45 Interior & delegates shaking hands & talking in MCU from shoulder level. 18:44:39 Exterior & arriving Soviets; Churchill out of car; Truman in open car. 18:44:57 Slate Big 3 at Castle, 17Jul45. Soviets out of car; others. Int. w/ handshaking from high angle. 18:46:05 Slate, being chalked. Same WW2 Allies; Planning; 1940s; USSR; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate. Full reels may be ordered if time permits. NOTE: Conference was held 28Nov43 - 01Dec43.

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