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WWII - 1945, Germany: Ambassador To France Visits 7th Army Sector, Dachau 08May45 WWII - 1945, Germany: GIs at 143rd Inf. 36th Div. HQ, Tegernsee, Germany 08May45 WWII - 1945, Austria: POWs, Linz 07May45 WWII - 1945, Austro-Italian Border: 5th & 7th Army Meet, Reissa Pass n.d. WWII - 1945, Germany: Secretary of War Patterson Arrival, Augsburg. 08May45

Reel Number: 300118

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940s,1945

Country: Austria,Germany,USA

Location: Augsburg,Dachau,Linz,Munich,Reissa Pass

TC Begins: 01:00:08

TC Ends: 01:10:00

Duration: 00:09:52

WWII - 1945, Germany: Ambassador to France Jefferson Caffery Tours Dachau & Inspects Jet Engines On Truck in Munich. 08May45 Touring concentration camp w/ US officers & VIPs including Amb. Caffery, walking past buildings as inmates watch & applaud. 01:01:14 US military jeep away from camera towards entrance gate, soft-top USA staff car & other cars follows. MCU VIP group talking by gate, banner: Peace For Ever United Nations above. MCU tilt down from behind assembled group to German helmet filled w/ burning oil & a broken German rifle as memorial. 01:02:04 Caffery shaking hands & talking with released prisoners / POWs . 01:02:19 Caffery & party walking past ox carts with military. 01:02:27 Caffery, another civilian & two US soldiers inspect two jet engines on top of crates on back of German truck. 01:03:24 Slate. WWII - 1945, Germany: GIs Visit Henrich Himmler’s Lake Tegernsee, Germany Summer House. 08May45 01:03:26 LS Soldiers on sandy beach in front of house which is used as HQ of 143rd Inf. 36th Division. 01:03:54 MS Troops sitting in grass in front of house, play w/ bronze sculptured head of Hitler. 01:04:16 MLS & MS Soldiers in large living room listen to Winston Churchill’s speech over radio. 01:04:50 MS & CUs Soldiers on porch w/ lake in background listening to radio. 01:05:34 End. WWII - 1945, Austria: Prisoners of War, Linz, Austria 07May45 01:05:34 Slate. Linz R1 Teas - Det 10. 01:05:37 US Army trucks past on road after passing jeep leading soldiers of 65th Division marching column of POWs along road. 01:06:37 Huge assembly of POWs / prisoners of war in field with town buildings behind. MS & CU of half dozen German SS troops w/ marks of beatings from freed POWs. 01:07:44 Black WWII - 1945, Austro-Italian Border. 06May45 01:07:48 Slate. 01:07:49 324th Regiment soldiers meeting & shaking hands w/ troops of Fifth Army, 10th Division on border; open bubbly bottle & drink toast. Multiple shots for editing. WWII - 1945, Germany: Secretary of War Patterson arrival, Augsburg. 08May45 01:08:53 Slate 01:08:54 Lt/3 Gerzeni Special 08May45 VIPs Augsburg. 7th Army. 01:08:57 Under Secretary of War Robert Patterson leaves C-47 & greeted by Lt. Gen. Alexander Patch, Maj. Gen. Arthur White, and Brig. Gen. Patrick Tansey. Into car, leaving & arriving and entering large HQ building End of WW2; 1940s; 1945; Post-WW2; Relaxation;

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