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WWII - 1945, Mexico Homefront: Mexico City Street Scenes & Alameda Park Activity

Reel Number: 220606-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945,1940s

Country: Mexico

Location: Mexico City, DF

TC Begins: 03:12:17

TC Ends: 03:19:58

Duration: 00:07:41

WWII - 1945, Mexico Homefront: Mexico City Street Scenes & Alameda Park Activity Mexican pedestrians in city street. LS of Cathedral at end of street. Alameda Park w/ venders & people picnicking. Vendors on sidewalk; woman cooking on charcoal fire. Peasants talking on sidewalk water fountain. 03:13:24 Pedestrians in front of large city building; modern architecture, peasants past on mules. Mexican banner salesmen on Zocalo (?) sidewalk. Street market in front of Palace of Fine Arts. Indian vendor. Flag on cathedral (?), MCU venders. Woman selling plantains & ??. 03:15:07 Man w/ 2 children, fake mustache on boy. Charo buying lemonade. People picnicking, others walking past. 03:16:27 Girl acrobat in park performing for crowd watching below & eating. CU drummer accompanying. 03:17:12 US & Mexican soldier talk w/ peasant on street divider w/ traffic past, CUs. 03:18:12 Low neighborhood buildings w/ crowd in front. 03:18:22 Beggar sleeping against brick wall on sidewalk. Traffic around Cathedral. 03:18:43 Men walking past Gallery of United Nations w/ pictures of Chiang Kai-Shek, FDR, Churchill, & Stalin in windows. Picture of Camacho in window display, people looking. Stock Shots; WW2; Daily Life; 1940s; Indians; Mexicans; Festival; Daily Life; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate.

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