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WWII - 1945, USA Government Documentary: True Glory, The R8 of 9

Reel Number: 221748-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Belgium,England,France,Germany,Holland,Netherlands,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Ardennes,arnhem,Bastogne,Cologne,Rhine River

TC Begins: 08:00:14

TC Ends: 08:10:53

Duration: 00:10:39

WWII - USA: European Historical Compilation, 1944-1945 R8 of 9 USA infantry unit across field at Ardennes, along road to truck, laughing, fighting in woods w/ explosions & tank firing, pinned down & running w/ bayonet on rifles. CUs; action of explosions & fires, burning equipment. GI driving burning jeep. GOOD. 08:00:51 Illustration map of Belgium showing front lines w/ Allied & German flags. CU Von Rundstedt. Tanks moving up, German soldiers. In on map of Liege, Namur & Brussels. 08:01:21 Street fighting, heavy smoke, CUs. Wounded crawling; GI on telephone; injured, medics; dead; stretchers. Tanks & infantry in street, machine gunner. Mortars; bazooka; burning tank. 08:02:56 British troops advance along road, snow in fields; on tanks on road; thru village. Refugees. 08:03:13 English troops advance across snowy field, machine gun position. American troops thru fresh deep snow in woods. Planes overhead. Aerial of British fighters; bombers dropping bombs & contrails. CUs men in planes & on ground. Good shot of fighters peeling off & diving. Allied artillery & rockets firing. GOOD. 08:04:04 Advancing on foot & tanks; thru woods & towns. Black on tank. Map showing pushed back toward Rhine River. 08:04:44 MCU Churchill, President Roosevelt, Stalin posing at Yalta. Map at Rhine. Montgomery, Eisenhower (?), Bradley looking at map by jeep. Montage: many tanks firing barrage; buildings hit & falling; troops run; German prisoners running; rocket barrage; burning city; planes diving; River & troops crossing; bombardier; railyards hit. British troops advance on muddy forest road; DUKWs & other vehicles thru flooded Dutch roads & woods. British officers & troops fighting, firing mortars, tanks w/ flame-throwers, artillery. 08:06:45 Americans advance behind tanks, take German prisoners of war; GIs thru town street, woman hangs out white flag. Soldiers street fighting & moving toward Cologne Cathedral spires. Wounded on rubble. Tanks thru destroyed streets. 08:07:41 Large crane moving assault boat K661-10 onto truck & moved across Belgium to the Rhine. Soldiers laying smoke screen on riverbank. LVTs; bombers overhead; POV from plane of explosions on ground. Soldiers watching w/ binoculars. Aerials of destroyed bridges. Smoke machine & men w/ small boats for amphibious crossing. 08:08:37 POV 9th Armored Division across Remagen bridge. CU sign: cross the Rhine w/ dry feet... British planes dropping bomb, camera follows. Medics along river, British & American troops cross in an amphibious operation. CUs. German POWs, many planes over. View from in plane of paratroops jumping from opposite side doors of glider (?). POV many parachutes opening. Planes & gliders low over buildings. POV trucks & jeeps across amphibious bridge; column snaking up hillside road. WW2 History; The Bulge; Arnhem; Bastogne; 1945 Documentary; NOTE: First-person narration as American & English troops. Very good action.

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