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WWII - 1945, USSR Documentary: Liberation of Auschwitz (Polish Concentration Camp) R2 of 2

Reel Number: 300266

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940s,1945

Country: Germany,Poland,USSR

Location: Auswitz Concentration Camp,Lublin

TC Begins: 01:00:04

TC Ends: 01:11:25

Duration: 00:11:21

Post-WWII - 1945 Poland: Liberation - Concentration Camp, Auschwitz (Children, Dead, Memorial Ceremony) MS Children in striped uniforms pull up sleeves to show tattooed numbers, CU. MS of group. Overhead of children, nurses & nuns walking between electric fences & turning corner. 01:00:42 Dead remains on ground. CU ovens w/ open doors & tools, partially burned bodies. CU viewing hole, soldier looks in. CU 4 canisters of Zyklon on table w/ labels visible. Hands holding box with poisons . 01:01:24 Bodies on ground. Investigating Commission members sitting down at table, man explaining. 01:01:44 Trench w/ many bodies, Russian soldiers taking notes as woman explaining. CU bodies. 01:02:10 Inmates & soldiers out of building w/ to hanging apparatus & explain, soldiers take notes. Inmate pulls up sleeve & shows number, CUs, uniforms w/ numbers. 01:03:01 Group into warehouse space & pull hair from bags. CU bag label: K.L. Au-228 Kg. 22. MS Hair pulled form bags, includes braids. More inspecting bags. 01:03:56 MCU Mound of jaws w/ teeth. Pile of pincers, pliers, etc. Eye glasses. 01:04:24 CU piles of clothing falling from filled room. Soldiers hold small child’s clothes. Shoes, hairbrushes, shaving brushes, purses, books / hotel registers . 01:05:56 Trenches w/ bodies; people looking. 01:06:21 Marching band leading procession w/ priest, altar boys, nuns. Crowd at religious service. Wooden coffins carried & stacked, laid out in field, man speaking, priests w/ banners in wind watching, well dressed people weeping, coffins in pit w/ people around throwing dirt onto them. Crying. 01:07:44 Doctor examining emaciated teenage boy as three other doctors watch, MCU & CU. Other young patients brought in, examined. CU Pictures of normal children intercut w/ examination. 01:09:24 Three young men in 20s answer questions. 01:09:33 Emaciated woman in striped clothes sitting on examining table, shows number. Men being examined; showing results of medical experiments. Head scar on boy shown probably from brain surgery . 01:10:27 CUs still pictures of German camp officers. 01:10:50 Intertitle: “...Um Sie Der Verdienten StraFE Zuzufuhren.” Roosevelt / Stalin / Churchill (Aus der Deklaration dei drei Machte). Ende. Post-WW2 Nazi Aftermath; Post WWII War Crimes Trial Evidence; Atrocities; Historical Film; Survivors; Dead; Brutality; Killings; Victims; 1940s;

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