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WWII - Churchill & Ike, Paratroop Exercise; Tanks Advance In France

Reel Number: 221366-11

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: England,France,United Kingdom

Location: Dame de Cemilly,Dombasie,Periers

TC Begins: 05:17:57

TC Ends: 05:27:56

Duration: 00:09:59

WWII - Churchill & Ike, Paratroop Exercise; Tanks Advance In France Staff car arrives, Kay Summersby out, Churchill & Eisenhower out, shake hands w/ Gen. Maxwell Taylor w review massed troops. 05:18:55 Apr44 Ike, Bradley & Churchill on platform watching 101st Airborne Div. paratrooper drop from C-47s in training exercise over England countryside. Many chutes in sky at once. (GOOD). Churchill & Ike leave in open jeep followed by guard jeep w/ soldiers & rifles. 05:20:24 Jul44 Tank followed by camouflaged troops enter Notre-Dame de Cemilly, priest watches passing. POW searched by MPs in front of burned out Cafe Breton. Dead bodies, wreckage. 05:21:02 Line of tanks thru wrecked town of Periers. Prisoners searched. Troops along road w/ mine detectors. Near town of Seves, CU sign: Minen, & soldier w/ bayonet removes it. CU looks like C-ration can. CU of half-dozen. 05:22:41 14-15Sep44 LS Tanks firing into Dombasle, France thru trees from fields nearby. Trooops running forward. Crossing chest-deep stream holding rifles above water. (GOOD). 05:24:31 Troops running across field; MCU tanks firing machine guns. Stream crossing. 05:25:15 Burned out tanks, boys pas & French & Americans looking as still smoking German tanks. Dead inside tank. Wrecked tank in ditch. People walking past. Heavily damaged houses; dead soldiers. Ox pulling cart of dead bodies w/ German prisoners walking alongside; into cemetery. POWs digging mass grave. Caskets carried past American soldiers & Catholic burial of French soldier. WW2 Horrors of War; 1944; Normandy Invasion Preparations

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