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WWII - Color, 1945, England & France: Roosevelt Memorial Service; Jerry Cans; Glider Unloading, Loading Wounded; Strafing

Reel Number: 250034-05

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940s,1945

Country: England,France,United Kingdom,USA

Location: London

TC Begins: 19:11:28

TC Ends: 19:27:12

Duration: 00:15:44

WWII - Color, 1945, England & France: Roosevelt Memorial Service; Jerry Cans; Glider Unloading, Loading Wounded; Strafing Slate: ?? Roll 90. Aerial (over-exposed). 19:11:58 POV fighter plane firing rockets / tracers. 19:12:06 Slate. London dignitaries into church, town mayor, archbishop etc. 19:12:43 Churchill out of car; tips top hat, shakes hands w/ VIP in ceremonial robe, daughter follows. King George VI out of car & greeted. 19:13:07 Crew member directs C47 to parking spot, gasoline jerry cans in foreground. Men unload empty cans from plane, throw into stack on ground. 19:14:23 Aerial over bombed factories. 19:14:28 Unloading full jerrycans on grassy field. C-47s taxi away; lined up. One arrives, man jumps out. 19:15:42 Int. of glider past pilot smoking cigarette to Rhine River below. Plane in to land. View of men running on ground past glider, open nose & unload bales of ?? & supplies. 19:17:02 Medics beside wounded man on stretcher. 19:17:08 Nose of glider raised from inside & jeep ahead to drop nose down, driven off. Stretcher loaded onto jeep & driven off. Wreckage of glider w/ broken wing. 19:18:22 London crowd waiting on street outside church, traffic past behind, police keep watching crowd back. MCUs. VIPs in robes & others into church for Roosevelt Memorial Service. 19:19:30 King & Queen led by Church Bishop out of church. 19:19:43 Paratroopers laying near road. German prisoners surrendering w/ wrecked glider behind. 19:20:00 Horse drawn wagon w/ medics along road. Prisoners marched by GIs on road. 19:20:14 King, Queen & Princess Elizabeth in uniform enters church past photographers. MCUs leaving 19:21:23 Glider w/ ambulance backing up to open front, wounded loaded into glider on stretchers. Line strung to poles for pickup. 19:22:32 GSAP Lt. C.E. Nerrel. Strafing & circling over drainage ditches. Circle marker seen. 19:23:22 Men unloading full jerry cans from C-47 & stacked. C47s taking off past camera on grass field. 19:24:38 Motorcade arriving past crowd watching. VIPs up steps to church. General Doolittle. Ambassador John Winant; military & others. Churchill. view of crowds watching. 19:26:00 Others in dark suits into side entrance. RAF soldiers & others following. 19:27:02 Flag at half staff from Tower of London WW2; British Royalty; NOTE: Entire card sold at per reel rate.

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