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WWII - France w/ Allied Troops Greeted; POWs & Collaborationists; Italy & Churchill Arrival, 1944

Reel Number: 221546-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: France,Italy

Location: Chartres,Paris

TC Begins: 12:01:44

TC Ends: 12:11:23

Duration: 00:09:39

WWII - France w/ Allied Troops Greeted; POWs & Collaborationists; Italy & Churchill Arrival, 1944 12:02:03 Title: Victory Is Everywhere - Churchill (also in arabic) MS clapping smiling cheering boys & girls. Women kissing soldiers; putting US flag next to French flag on building. Others cheering. 12:02:26 German prisoners of war marched past. Woman Nazi collaborators past crowd; others lead off. 12:02:50 Abandoned German clothing salvaged by French civilians; smiling in CU. 12:03:06 Children w/ flowers, crowds line Chartres street; General De Gaulle & others cheered as they walk. Motorcade w/ De Gaulle past. Shot of De Gaulle & Koenig meeting General Eisenhower. Sitting, meeting, talking & smoking under canvas shade. 12:03:59 German prisoners off army truck. standing about in field. Some VERY young. US army trucks loaded w/ prisoners leaving. 12:04:21 Naval ship, heavy black smoke screen; large ships shelling shore. Landing craft heading to shore. White smoke screen. Troops off Landing Craft onto beach. POWs standing on road. Troops move inland. Camouflaged battleship (the Rodney ?) underway; shelling English Channel shore. American LSTs to shore. HMS Rodney rescues downed pilots in lifeboat. 12:06:29 Shelling shore seen from ship underway. Heavily smoking ship (?). Sunset. 12:07:01 MCU tanks passing, tracks seen in CU. In line along road; firing from field. POV crossing firled. Firing on town & destroying buildings. GOOD. 12:07:56 People & soldiers pinned down in street behind vehicle. GI firing machine gun from between jeeps. Woman collaborationist pushed across street. Men firing rifles at snipers. Troops w/ rifles march past burning building. GOOD. 12:08:21 Pan over large number of German prisoners. Prisoners removed from wreckage; one very drunk. Prisoners walked through town. 12:09:00 Flame throwing tanks advance past burning grass, brush; tanks & jeeps w/ Americans crossing Seine on pontoon bridge, civilians waving. Tank in town surrounded by townspeople. 12:09:50 French remove roadblock into Paris. March prisoners thru town past armored personnel carriers. Americans greeted, applauded, cheered. GI drinking from wine bottle. French flag raised to cheering. 12:10:26 Italy - Churchill in rear of open convertible raises arm in V-sign. Large field & British troops cheer Churchill arrival w/ 3 cheers. Churchill in sun glasses & w/ large cigar shakes hands; autographs shell 7 loaded into artillery. Cheered as he leaves. The End. WWII 1944; Fighting; Battles; Rescues; Happy; Greetings;

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