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WWII: Yank Ace; Forrestal; Women in News; Army Motorcycles; Bond Awards; Fish Counting

Reel Number: 220929-20

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: England,United Kingdom,USA

Location: DC,Mt,Oregon,Vernon,Virginia,Washington

TC Begins: 17:59:25

TC Ends: 18:04:36

Duration: 00:05:11

WWII: Yank Ace; Forrestal; Women in News; Army Motorcycles; Bond Awards; Fish Counting Universal Newsreel main title (w/ Allied flags turning) GOOD. 17:59:40 Title: Yank Ace Of Aces. USAAF pilot Robert Johnson, Lawton, Oklahoma in Thunderbolt cockpit pointing to 25 painted kill symbols. Greeted by air crew. W/ another pilot gesturing how he did it. CU w/ wing gun barrels. MS posing by plane, arms round propeller. 18:00:25 Title: Forrestal Is New Navy Boss. MS Secretary James Forrestal & 2 others at desk pointing to map on desk top; w/ map behind. CU Forrestal reading. Group shots. 18:00:47 Title: Women In The News. Princesses Elizabeth (18 years old) & Margaret horseback riding in headscarves. MS greeted by King George VI & Queen Elizabeth. CUs. Royal family. 18:01:28 Mary Churchill walking w/ RAF & USAAF officers. US airmen in front of B-17 Flying Fortress plane w/ “Stage Door Canteen” painted on side above gun turret. MS Churchill at mic (MOS) waves soft drink bottle to christen. Laughing. 18:01:53 Title: Girls Flock To Colors. High angle of US Women in WAC uniforms in Military Parade thru Times Square w/ banner & US flag. Civilian women standing & watching; being sworn in. CUs civilian women. Army General/ Captain swears in enlisting civilian women seen w/ hands raised. Oath. 18:02:26 Title: M.P. Rough Riders. US Military Police on motorcycles down English country road two abreast; ride up crater-like dirt banks of chalk pits & jump over ridges. Transportation. 18:03:01 Title: Honor Movie Bond Sellers. VS group of top 100 theater owners, exhibitors, on steps of Capitol building, Charles P. Skouras gives handshake at microphone. Int. Dinner & certificate presentation, CU certificate “United States Treasury Motion Picture Industry Citation” to Ralph J. Batschelet. CU holding certificate. CU Skouras turns over chairmanship to R.J. O’Donnell for 5th War Loan Drive. 18:03:42 Group outside George Washington house, Mount Vernon, Virginia. Wreath placed at tomb. 18:03:55 Title: Lady Fish Wardens. Fish ladder by dam, women seen counting salmon & other fish. Men watching from outside. MS fish swimming past in current. Columbia River; Pacific Northwest. WWII Homefront; Europe;

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