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Yalta Conference; FDR Meeting w/ Ibn Saud & King Farouk at Great Bitter Lake on Suez

Reel Number: 221327-02

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Egypt,USSR

Location: Suez Canal,Yalta

TC Begins: 08:09:55

TC Ends: 08:19:28

Duration: 00:09:33

Yalta Conference; FDR Meeting w/ Ibn Saud & King Farouk at Great Bitter Lake on Suez LS of Yalta & Crimean Sea from hilltop, pan across. Elaborately carved stone sarcophagus. Building w/ military man standing in courtyard. ca 04Feb45 Arrival of Churchill & Anthony Eden; saluting them as they enter Livadia Palace. Other military as US army jeep arrives. 08:10:51 FDR sitting on bench between Stalin & Churchill w/ military attaches around preparing to pose for photographers (out of focus). 08:11:16 Title: “Along The Lenin Embankment in Yalta”. Waves breaking, people walking in distance. Kids pose for camera. Kids on sidewalk before sea wall. Church (dark). US sailors walking, horse cart on road, truck. Local women & kids posing for camera (out of focus & dark). Ruined building. 08:12:36 Title: “Landing At Deversoir, on Great Bitter Lake midway the Suez We rejoin....” Aerial over lake & canal. Title: “King Farouk of Egypt Calls On The President” 13Feb45 Flags shipboard, woman (Ann Boetticher ?) sitting w/ FDR. Farouk arrives & salutes sailors; talking w/ FDR & other Egyptians & US go off. 08:13:52 Title: “Late that same afternoon the Ethiopian Emperor, Haile Selassie, calls” Up ship walk & sitting w/ FDR (dark), big US flag behind. Title: King Ibn Saud royal Arabian party embarked in a U.S. destroyer, arrive. 14Feb45 Seen on deck w/ sailors. Carpets on deck. Party w/ rifles; US military officers. King Abdul Aziz aka Ibn Saud boards the cruiser as sailors salute. 08:15:50 Title: The Royal Flock Has Now Been Reduced To Two” Sailors looking at two sheep on deck in pen. Shots of groups on shipboard. Sheik’s bodyguards posing w/ Adm William D. Leahy & others. Ornate furniture on carpets on deck. Ibn Saud talking & gesturing w/ FDR beside military translator. Leahy talking w/ other members of party. MCU of body guard kin brocade robes. 08:17:32 Title: “The ‘ceremonial coffee server’ performs” Pouring coffee to arabs seated along railing of ship. Small Dhow on water coming alongside; military watching as crates & chests off-loaded onto Dhow. WWII Middle East Diplomacy; Conferences - Yalta; Ethnic Customs; Palestine Question; Argonaut Conference;

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