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Miracle in The Desert - The Story of Hanford R1 of 3

Reel Number: 220720-06

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1966

Country: USA

Location: Hanford Wa.

TC Begins: 21:22:35

TC Ends: 21:31:52

Duration: 00:09:17

Miracle in The Desert - The Story of Hanford R1 of 3 Glenn Seaborg, Arthur Wall, Edwin McMillan (brief shots) in Berkeley Lab. Map of US explaining creation of Manhattan project. 21:23:3? Aerial over desert area of Hanford. Columbia River & power lines. Stills of Hanford with barracks & trailers above river. Construction of buildings. 21:25:15 Tumbleweed and deserted buildings. Aerials over plant. Landscape & titles. 21:26:05 Richland suburban houses, trucks down highway, trains and yards. Aerial Views of 3 reactor buildings & large concrete building (chemical plant). 21:27:49 Technicians & machines working; scientists measuring plutonium. Technicians & storage vaults moving plutonium in air tight cans on little red wagon.. 21:29:00 Diagrams showing power of plutonium as opposed to other forms of power. 1lb = 3,000,000 lbs of coal. 21:29:10 Exterior & interiors of buildings & computers. Map of US w/ Oak Ridge & Hanford. 21.29.35 Staged: paperboy in street, women & children run towards him and look at local newspaper headline “tt’s Atomic Bombs, President Truman releases secret of Hanford product.” 21:29:42 AEC building, computers. G.E. company employees. Aerials over buildings including new separation plants. 21:30:45 Automated machining & building rods. 21:31:37 Diagram of uranium rods. Nuclear research; Enriched Uranium; U-238; Radioactivity; Pacific Northwest;

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