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1944 - Normandy D-Day Landing; Rome Liberation

Reel Number: 221692-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: England,France,Italy,United Kingdom

Location: Normandy,Rome

TC Begins: 19:21:49

TC Ends: 19:32:19

Duration: 00:10:30

Titles. 19:22:18 Title: Gateway to Victory. Aerial view D-Day fleet; US troops out of landing craft onto beaches; moving past remains of buildings, along road. Shaking hands w/ Frenchman. LS from ship to smoke on shore & soldiers up beach, falling. Beached landing craft against cliff w/ heavy seas. Men against rocks 19:23:27 German prisoners sitting on pebble beach. 19:23:31 Air to air of Allied Marauder aircraft dropping bombs, explosions. GOOD. 19:24:26 View from shore of ships, barrage balloons, piles of supplied & equipment. Heavy equipment; MCU men drilling concrete barriers for demolition. Destroyed gun placements, pillboxes, dead Germans. Captured & wounded Germans walking along road. POWs sitting. 19:24:56 British troops advance inland, street fighting. Take prisoners of war; marched onto landing craft & off in England. CUs. 19:25:35 Aerial views Rome. General Clark watching troops march into Rome. Bombed rail yards; destroyed equipment, factories. Troops past Roma sign, past Colosseum; CU people greeting; tanks & trucks thru streets. Monuments. Cheering Italians. 19:26:55 View from balcony; people in plaza; people running & break open large gates to German Headquarters & chase out collaborators. 19:27:38 Gen. Clark in jeep thru street filled w/ cheering crowd. 19:27:51 French General Juin (?) arrives & on balcony w/ Clarke & others. Aerial over St. Peter’s, crowd arriving. LS of filled plaza. Pope on balcony & waving crowd below. Voice of Pope but not seen speaking. 19:29:15 Convoys of ships crossing English Channel. Equipment onboard ship & unloading equipment w/ troops moving up. CU sign: N.13 Montebourg 8.9 Km; Cherbourg 34.9 Km. Street fighters drinking from wine bottle; destroyed Nazi German tank by roadside. 19:29:54 Aerial of Marauder bombers dropping bombs,explosions hitting railroad & other targets. 19:30:27 Troops & Frenchmen along road pointing directions. Fighting. Captured POWs. Troops & equipment moving up thru towns. 19:31:24 Camouflaged ship, onboard Gen. Eisenhower & Adm Ramsey & Gen. Montgomery. Montgomery arrives ashore in Normandy on DUKW; jumps down, talks w/ officer. The End. WWII; WW2; European Invasion; Military Newsreel; 1944;

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