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Army-Navy Screen Magazine No.21, 1944 Reel 2

Reel Number: 220821-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Kiribati,Pacific

Location: bacio island,tarawa

TC Begins: 09:19:15

TC Ends: 09:29:10

Duration: 00:09:55

Army-Navy Screen Magazine No.21, 1944 Reel 2 Marine cameraman shows Navy cadets? his footage of US invasion of Bacio? Island in Pacific atoll of Tarawa: VS Catholic priest holds Mass aboard ship in convoy. Ship’s steward poses w/ cake w/ “A jungle plus coconut tree equals JAP so keep your eyes OPEN” in frosting. Marines w/ operation map on deck. 09:20:20: D-Day, 20Nov44: VS naval bombardment of Japanese submarines. AV Marines loading powder charges onto landing craft. Battleships firing on Tarawa. US aircraft above. Smoke above island. Landing craft / AmTracks w/ Marines approach shore; gasoline dump exlodes. Higgins boat caught on reef, Marines wade to beach and take cover. Marines use machine guns, some advance past beach and use flamethrowers to rout Japanese from blockhouse. Snipers take out Japanese soldiers attacking US machine gun positions on beach. Shooting up dead body. Dessimated island scenes. 09:25:09: Stretcher bearers w/ wounded. Stretchers loaded onto rubber rafts for transport to Higgins boats. Marine throws grenade into foxhole. Vars corpses of Japanese Imperial Marines in foxholes and gun placements. 09:26:33: Surrendering Japanese soldiers stripped and guarded by Marines. Korean PoWs. Scenes of wrecked beach and captured Japanese guns. Marine gives stray Kitten water under tank. Marines wash. Steamrollers prepare landing strip for bombers. Bomber pilot Bill Kelly. Marines salute as US flag raised. WWII. Pacific War.

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