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Attack Counter Attack!

Reel Number: 220425-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Belgium,France

Location: Pacific

TC Begins: 19:41:30

TC Ends: 19:50:23

Duration: 00:08:53

Attack and Counter Attack Naval Worker’s Digest, The Onboard aircraft carrier. Planes unfold wings, No. 187 pilot signals for takeoff & POV. Titles. 19:42:06 The New York Times newspaper headlines from Pearl Harbor attack until 1945. Smoking smokestacks, D-Day landings. Liberation of France & US troops march on Champs Elysees towards Arc de Triomphe w/ waving crowds & overhead shots. Belgium liberated, locals welcoming allies on tanks. 19:42:53 Storage dump of supplies on Pacific Island. Troops boarding landing craft - ships at sea in heavy stormy weather (GOOD). 19:44:01 Onboard carrier, bombers & fighters loaded w/ bombs. Crews in briefing room & board planes, take offs. Battleships at sea, Kingfisher target planes catapulted. Battleships fire barrage & explosions on shore (GOOD). Smoke screen laid; troops off landing craft, tanks thru water, ships firing & landing & moving inland into jungle. 19:46:55 Allied planes overhead, parachuting; troops move into hills past smoking & destroyed Japanese gun emplacements. Engineers battling w/ mud, beached heavy equipment. Enemy bombers in air. Aircraft carrier & Hellcat fighters take off - TBM in flight; Helldiver in flight over land. Ack-ack; planes crash into sea. Fleet under attack by Kamikazes. Plane on board carrier in flames. Plane landing on deck. Ship on fire. (GOOD) WWII Pacific Battles; WW2 Fighting; War Morale Propaganda; Production;

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