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Coast Guard at War - Normandy Invasion Part 1

Reel Number: 220915-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: England,France,United Kingdom

Location: Normandy

TC Begins: 21:26:03

TC Ends: 21:36:07

Duration: 00:10:04

Coast Guard at War - Normandy Invasion Part 1 D-Day + 3, June 9th 1944. Deserted beaches - damaged buildings - tank traps on beach - damaged landing craft and military equipment Flashback to January 1944 - Chesapeake Bay landing craft trials / exercises. Men boarding transport ships for England. 21:28:08 Feb 1944 Convoys crossing Atlantic - below deck scenes troops relaxing, playing cards, sleeping, reading and writing. Man sewing uniform. March 1944 US troops arrive - training for landing operations - wading ashore on British beach. 21:29:25 April 1944 LSTs and LCIs practice landing operations - Naval officers. May 1944 Allied bombing raids over France - bombs away. 21:30:23 D-Day - 4 loading ships off Southern Coast of England - jeep loaded by crane. Last minute preparations, man welding. K rations loaded onto ship. D-Day - 3 Somewhere in Southern England troops embark on LCVPs for transport ships. Boarding transport ships. 21:32:21 D-Day - 1Troops loaded on LCIs. Soldier on quay looking through binoculars. Housewife in back garden looking. Bombing raids over France . Priest carries out service in open air at port of embarkation. 21:33:33 On board ship, Coastguard Officer briefs men - group of sailors including one black sailor. Ships moving out into Channel. Convoy - warships escort. Coastguard flotilla leaving port. Convoy at sea - barrage balloons. 21:35:04 Troops on board ship loading machine gun. Shipboard activities - allied planes over. Below decks officers study maps of Normandy beachheads.

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