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D-Day - Wounded Evacuation

Reel Number: 220761-01

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: England,France,United Kingdom

Location: Normandy,Slapton Sands

TC Begins: 02:00:05

TC Ends: 02:08:36

Duration: 00:08:31

WWII - Slapton Sands Training (?); Normandy, D-Day Crossing & Wounded Evacuation On board ship, lookout wearing anti-glare glasses scans sky for aircraft. 02:00:25 Shot from bridge as LCI ship beaches. Troops & equipment off ship down gangway; tanks off ship & move ashore over sand - could be Slapton Sands or other England training. Officers on bridge of small ship coming alongside or large ship. 02:01:47 LS Battleship of the Nevada class, camouflaged destroyer passes across screen. Dark scene of US-93 past. 02:02:10 Men using hand cranked windlass. Stern of US-93 w/ cables attached to ?? CU Bridge area LCI-94, man painting. 02:03:11 Rear view, US sailors & British WACs in group walking in park; locals sitting, army trucks past. Looks like England. 02:03:38 Slate and unexposed. 02:04:02 At sea, LCI listing in heavy seas. LCI US-492 passes in front of transport ship at anchor. Troops w/ packs on board transport. 02:05:06 Wounded man treated on deck of ship. Wounded man on stretcher transferred to landing craft. Second casualty transferred by stretcher. Blood soaked bandages etc on deck of ship. 02:06:45 Various ships at sea inc. LCU US-199. 02:07:12 Ships at anchor, barrage balloons. Landing craft carrying some wounded. Various ships at sea, coastline of Normandy visible in background. WWII; WW2; Invasion; 1944; Recreation; NOTE: Good quality.

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