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D-Day 6-6-44 Pt. 3 of 3

Reel Number: 221236-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: France


TC Begins: 08:00:37

TC Ends: 08:05:47

Duration: 00:05:10

D-Day 6-6-44 Pt. 2 of 3 ? Tanks & troops on country road, soldiers run behind tanks. Fighting in streets, CU soldiers, explosions. Camouflaged soldiers run thru woods, throw grenades, load guns & shoot. Field artillery, tanks, farmhouse on fire, shots of the battlefield; as weather gets better Air Force joins in battle, officer w/ cigar looks up in the sky, air force planes lift up from the runway. 08:02:30 CU camouflaged watch tower, fighter planes in air, soldiers on ground run for cover, explosions, fire, shot to ground from aircraft. Soldiers hiding in field, black smoke from tank, shooting, smoke, cars, houses on the fire, CU heavy field artillery, shooting. 08:03:21 Group of German soldiers surrender, walk w/ hands up, war prisoners on road, shots of crushed cars on the roadsides. City ruins, tank thru city ruins, German army medics help injured in the rubble. Destroyed city, broken down cars, group of officers look at dead soldiers lying on the street, grave yard. 08:04:09 French flags hang out of windows, smiling people run on the street, officer incl. Charles de Gaulle march on streets of liberated city, people gather, shake hands, look out of windows. 08:04:48 CU grave of unknown soldier w/ helmet on the cross. LS plane on runway, Allied forces, pilot shakes hand w/ De Gaulle, soldiers bathe, fix aircraft, do laundry, sit around in the sun, joke w/ kids, cow next to the plane 08:05:20 One month after D-day, various empty gliders, LS cleared beach, CU crosses in grave yard, empty airfield. Incomplete? WWII Normandy Invasion; Operation Overlord;

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