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D-Day At Katz - Part 3

Reel Number: 220838-06

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: England,France,United Kingdom

Location: Carantilly 4k / Cerisy,la,Normandy,salle 1k

TC Begins: 11:47:21

TC Ends: 11:59:18

Duration: 00:11:57

D-Day At Katz Part 3 Jeep arrives in severely bomb damaged town. Camera crew. Huge hole in wall of Hotel du Lion. Road sign Carantilly 4k / Cerisy-la-salle 10k. Good shots trucks loaded with troops moving forward. Tanks moving forward. Stevens and Sgt. Hamilton looking at shell casing, walking through ruins of bombed out church. 11:49:23 Stevens looking at stretcher containing dead German soldier. CU dead Germans. Tracking shot past medics giving aid to wounded. Stevens and others with three GIs dressed in German Panzer SS uniforms. Stevens and others driving to campsite, sign Spec. Cov. Unit. Various shots campsite men sitting around listening to radio. Camp signpost with signs pointing to London, Paris New York Berlin and Shirley. 11:52:51 Bombed out cathedral and town. 11:53:34 General Montgomery presenting medals to US soldiers. Underlit shot of 3 star general and other officers. Generals and Monty. 11:54:13 General Patton wearing pearl handled pistols, laughing and talking with British including Monty. Camera crew. Various shots General reading a citation ? Good shots cameras both still and movie recording event. 11:55:35 GIs at SPECOU? campsite getting packages, cigarettes and candy. Men on parade in campsite. Various shots camp activity. Men looking up towards sky. Chow time - men waiting with steel mess kits. Use of this footage requires a credit as follows: “Includes footage from the George Stevens Collection at the Library of Congress”

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