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D-Day Philippine Operations

Reel Number: 220810-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Philippines


TC Begins: 16:44:35

TC Ends: 16:54:40

Duration: 00:10:05

D-Day Philippine Operations 20Oct44: LS smoke over forest on shoreline. Aircraft above, bomb dropped. VS US? battleships offshore, guns firing. LS ship w/ camouflage paintwork. 16:47:45: Trio of battleships. Explosions on island. Several ships at sea. 16:50:11: MS two battleships refueling, decks lined w/ Marines. CU guns firing from ship. Empty shells on deck. Battleship firing towards island or at aircraft. 16:51:26: 22Oct44: VS unid. senior USN / Marine officer w/ three-star beret and other officers w/ map. Talking to Filippino officer en route to shore. Officer w/ other senior personnel meeting Marines / inspecting supplies. Gen. MacArthur w/ peak cap and sunglases arrives and chats w/ colleagues. Officers on transport boat and in Jeep. 16:53:56: MacArthur inspects Marines at ceremony outside official building and makes speech on steps w/ Philippine PM. Pacific War.

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