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D-Day Special R2 of 2

Reel Number: 221673-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: England,France,Germany,Italy,United Kingdom,Vatican City

Location: Marcouf,Normandy,Rome,Saint,Vatican City

TC Begins: 05:29:07

TC Ends: 05:38:00

Duration: 00:08:53

D-Day Special R2 of 2 Army - Navy Screen Magazine #32 Ships across English channel seen from air; overhead planes in formation. View from water of fleet; man on phone; ships open fire. Small amphibious carft & landing craft to shore; men in landing craft. Ships firing. Men out of landing craft (minimum of scratches). Men out of landing craft (no scratches). Men coming onto beach, hit & falling. View ashore, men round cliff at water edge. Men digging into sand, wounded; planting dynamite. Ships floundering. 05:31:45 Wounded carried around cliff on stretcher; medic w/ plasma bottle; wounded treated. German POWs in mcu sitting on pebble beach. 05:32:27 Ships w/ Eisenhower’s flag; Ike, Gen. Bradley up onto ship w/ Ike. Montgomery arriving on shipboard & standing w/ Ike & Bradley. 05:33:08 Gen. Clark on window sill w/ map & troops in Rome, view of streets on 03Jun06 as Germans leaving, riding bicycle. Aerial of road in Germany w/ convoy. 05:33:44 Allied troops moving into Rome, Signs, around fountain. Across bridge w/ St. Peter’s behind, tanks & GIs marching down street toward colliseum; w/ Scottish bagpipes, convoys coming in. People greeting, applauding, waving, laughing (GOOD). Tearing down German anti-American posters. Tank in front of Victor Emmanuel Monument. St. Peters square crowd, Pope on balcony giving blessing; cheering crowd. Bells ringing. 05:36:34 Sign: Saint-Marcouf w/ GIs marching past w/ machine guns. French talking to them. Troops resting by fence, houses. GI talking to kid, walking past sculpture. The End. WWII - Invasion - France; Normandy; 06Jun44; Liberation; WW2;

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