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Don’t Be a Sucker R2 of 2

Reel Number: 220329-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Egypt,USA,Germany, Egypt, Russia,France

Location: El Alamein, Stalingrad, Normandy,Studio

TC Begins: 11:29:17

TC Ends: 11:36:51

Duration: 00:07:34

Don’t Be a Sucker R2 of 2 Dramatizes the destructive effects of racial and religious prejudice. MCU BBC radio announcer at microphone, NY Times headline. Goebbels (not actor), priests, German teacher explains Nazi racial theories; the teacher is dragged away by SS soldiers. 11:31:56 Nazi flag hoisted. Germans listen to radio & reading newspapers. Staged Nazi speaker & listeners. Farmer plowing, shop closed, man in munitions factory. German convoy, motorcycle convoy, panzers, tanks. 11:33:34 German unemployed worker in uniform, kisses wife goodbye & goes to war. Montage of German troops in field, on vehicles, firing guns; Nazi defeats at battle at El Alamein, Stalingrad, D-Day in Normandy, stadium w/ swastika & swastika exploded. Defeated German prisoners. Dead soldiers. 11:35:02 Hungarian lectures man about liberty, minorities, tolerance, freedom, prejudice. “This is good hard common sense.” Man tears up pamphlet & throws on ground. The End. Film Noir; WWII Anti-semitism; Superiority; Aryan Race; Fascism; Propaganda; Military Training Film;

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