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Invasion - Nazi Version

Reel Number: 220332-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: France

Location: Bayeux,Caen,Normandy

TC Begins: 15:19:33

TC Ends: 15:34:44

Duration: 00:15:11

Invasion - Nazi Version Captured film w/ OSS commentary over German sound track. 15:20:33 06Jun44 calendar page. German civilians read newspapers. Map South England & Northern France. Allied planes in formation; German radio operators; CU telephones; alarms. Troops in fortifications running up stairs, climb ladders. Searchlights. Anti-aircraft gunners firing at night, flickering lights of night battle. Explosions. Flares falling. CU pilots w/ faces lit; German naval ship interior. 15:23:32 German w/ spotter scope looking over Bay of the Seine shortly before German artillery went into action; ships at sea; British destroyer exploding. Germans firing guns & cannons over the channel from camouflaged & heavily fortified positions. 15:24:53 Mouth of River Orne. Fighting near village. SS division opposes allied division approaching shore. Heavy flames; CU heroic German face; wrecked Allied landing boats on shore. German tanks w/ assault, some in camouflage. Destroyed allied artillery. Destroyed British planes. US airborne troops captured & lined up. Pan over wrecked gliders, many w/ British markings. Germans unload US jeep from wrecked plane. CUs British, Canadian, Nova Scotia & other insignia on captured soldiers clothes, interrogated. 15:29:18 Caen, airborne attack w/ Germans firing back, seen from ground. Buildings destroyed. Contrails. Explosions. Downed plane burning. 15:30:58 French civilians in street in bombing aftermath. Refugees w/ wagons. German divisions in camouflaged tanks on road. SS armed division in combat in field. Allied airborne troops arrested in field. CUs US artillery & tanks destroyed. Germans moving up on foot & tanks. Heavy smoke & burning in distance. Burning tank. Wounded US soldier carried. German armoured tank. Near Bayeux, combat including inside small village. Street fighting, grenade throwing, artillery firing & many flames. The End. NB Some of the footage is very grainy. WWII Invasion - D-Day; Normandy; Propaganda; Counter-propaganda; Heavy Fighting;

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