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Naval Workers Digest - Attack and Counter Attack

Reel Number: 220324-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944-1945

Country: France Belgium Pacific


TC Begins: 02:49:50

TC Ends: 02:58:42

Duration: 00:08:52

Naval Workers Digest - Attack and Counter Attack (US battleships firing) On board Air Craft Carrier. Plane unfolds wings. Newspaper headlines New York Times from attack on Pearl Harbor to 1945. Smoking chimneys - D-Day landings. Liberation of France, US troops march down Champs Elysees towards Arc de Triomphe. Belgium liberated, locals welcoming allies. Pacific. pan over store dump on Pacific Island. Troops boarding landing craft - ships at sea in heavy weather. On board Air Craft Carrier - bombers and fighters prepared for operations. Crews in briefing room. Crews board planes - take offs. Battleships at sea - Kingfisher target planes launched. Good shots Battleships firing barrage. Smoke shells. Troops on landing craft - landing and moving inland. Allied planes overhead. Troops moving into hills - destroyed Japanese gun emplacements. Engineers battling with mud to beach heavy equipment. Enemy bombers in air. Aircraft carrier - Hellcat fighters take off - TBM in flight - Helldiver in flight - planes crashing into sea. Fleet under attack. Plane on board ACC in flames. Plane landing on deck. Ship on fire.

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