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Normandy Invasion - D-Day + 3 - Part One

Reel Number: 220425-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: FranceEnglandUSAUNITED KINGDOM

Location: Normandy Chesapeake Bay

TC Begins: 19:01:17

TC Ends: 19:10:59

Duration: 00:09:42

United States Coast Guard report: Normandy Invasion D-Day +3 - Part One Normandy Invasion - D-Day + 3 Deserted beaches - damaged buildings - tank traps on beach - damaged landing craft and military equipment. Flashback to January 1944 - Chesapeake Bay landing craft trials / exercises. Men boarding transport ships for England. Feb 1944 Convoys crossing Atlantic - below deck scenes troops relaxing, playing cards, sleeping, reading and writing. Man sewing uniform. March 1944 US troops arrive - training for landing operations - wading ashore on British beach. April 1944 LSTs and LCIs practice landing operations - Naval officers. May 1944 Allied bombing raids over France - bombs away. D-Day - 4 loading ships off Southern Coast of England - jeep loaded by crane. Last minute preparations, man welding. K rations loaded onto ship. D-Day - 3 Somewhere in Southern England troops embark on LCVPs for transport ships. Boarding transport ships . D-Day - Troops loaded on LCIs. Soldier on quay looking through binoculars. Housewife in back garden looking. Bombing raids over France. Priest carries out service in open air at port of embarkation. On board ship, Coastguard Officer briefs men - group of sailors including one black sailor. Ships moving out into Channel. Convoy - warships escort. Coastguard flotilla leaving port. Convoy at sea - barrage balloons. Troops on board ship loading machine gun. Shipboard activities - allied planes over. Below decks officers study maps of Normandy beachheads.

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