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RAF & 8th Air Force Report From Britain

Reel Number: 221408-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Chile,England,France,Germany,Solomon Islands,United Kingdom

Location: cape gloucester,SOLOMON ISLANDS

TC Begins: 15:16:38

TC Ends: 15:23:37

Duration: 00:06:59

RAF & 8th Air Force Report From Britain 15:17:39 A-20 planes low over English Channel, flown by Free French pilots for RAF towards invasion coast below German radar; preparing for D-Day. POV over cliffs, trees, fields, towns. Explosions of bombs & burning factories w/ black smoke, white smoke. Very good airplane shadow on ground. (GOOD) 15:19:24 Contrails of bombers, view closer; ack ack seen from bomber formation. Bombers dropping bombs. 15:19:40 Man, wife & three kids listening to radio in room w/ flowered wall paper. “only seven bombers failed to return.” 15:20:06 Footage from captured German newsreel. Dead US airmen, burning wreckage; Germans troops looking at crashed bombers, some in woods. Workers salvaging metal; stacks of recovered planes in large facility to recycle. 15:21:22 Bombers in flight from above; bombardie dropping bombs. 15:21:37 View across harbor or lake. Slate 18Jun44 Cape Gloucester. Marines carrying wounded on stretchers thru jungle; helping carry walking wounded. Men thru mud, tired & gaunt; into trucks. CUs sitting. The End. WWII Morale Booster; Home Front War Effort; Horrors of War; WW2 Army Air Force; USAAF;

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