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Various Newsreels - 1950s Germany; England; USA

Reel Number: 220857-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1950

Country: East Germany,England,Germany,United Kingdom,USA

Location: At Sea,Berlin,DC,East Berlin,London,Washington

TC Begins: 02:35:42

TC Ends: 02:44:56

Duration: 00:09:14

Various Newsreels - 1950s Germany; England; USA Trade show; knife & scissors exhibition. Giant Swiss Army knife - giant knife and giant scissors. Ornamental knives. 02:36:08 sd. BRITISH FLEET MANEUVERS Carrier, British sailors on deck at anchor. Aerials of British destroyers in line leaving harbor, aircraft carrier, plane takes off. British sailor w/ binoculars. HMS Duke of York battleship, bow of moving battleship, wake of ship. Aerial view of fleet, sun on water. 02:36:50 sd/si. BRITAIN HONORS F.D.R. Monument & ceremony from high angle. King George VI & Eleanor Roosevelt to monument. Mrs Roosevelt unveils monument - statue of FDR (profile). CU "FDR, 1882-1945". King George places wreath, front view of statue. Attlee, Eleanor Roosevelt & Queen Elizabeth; Winston Churchill & wife, Queen Elizabeth. Churchill looking at monument. CU statue. 02:38:00 Si. LONDON'S WORST FOG. Train & traffic in heavy fog. Man lights gas lamp. English bobby w/ flashlight. 02:38:39 Sd. 1948(?) GENERAL LUCIUS D CLAY Washington DC. Gen. Lucius Clay from military plane, Clay speaks (SOF) about Berlin Blockade. 02:39:11 Sd. EISENHOWER SPEAKS ON ANNIVERSARY OF D-DAY, WASHINGTON, DC, speaking at desk. Platitudes for military. 02:40:12 Sd. EUROPE IS TEMPTING TARGET FOR REDS Ike speaking (SOF) in Denver, Colorado 02:41:04 Sd. Pres. Truman Apologies To Marines ((title only). 02:41:05 High angle of large room w/ orchestra on stage to side & U-shaped table w/ men & name tages. 02:41:08 Sd. Sign: "OFFICE OF HIGH COMMISSIONER AND MILITARY GOVERNOR - MR. JOHN J MCCLOY". McCloy speaking at desk (SOF). “45 million Germans will shortly commence the task of governing themselves...” 02:41:44 Si. BERLIN RED YOUTH RALLY, GERMANY Brandenburg Gate & signs. British soldiers on armored vehicles behind barbed wire. US troops in BG. Soldier at gun. Truckloads of German girls. Arch, youth band playing. Young Pioneers clean dishes & wash at trough. Young Pioneer in stadium maneuvers & parading; Red leader before mic. Street parade w/ large picture of Stalin & Mao banners, etc. (GOOD) 02:43:22 Si. RED ARMY DAY IN BERLIN Russian soldiers march, lay wreath, young USSR soldier on guard. Wreath laying at large monument (In memory of Soviet Dead.) 02:44:09 Si. JOINT ALLIED MANEUVERS IN GERMANY Officers chatting; French & US officers salute. General Mark Clark & unid. Major General. LS, truck moving over pontoon bridge, MS, tank (M-26) moving. Soldiers march on road. Troops w/ various equipment (portable communications, guns, etc.). Multiple antiaircraft gun w/ .50 cal air-cooled machine guns. CU soldier behind gun reading Stars and Stripes newspaper w/ headline: "UN advances on Seoul" (re Korea).

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