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WWII - 1940s - USA, Documentary: The Fighting First R2 of 2

Reel Number: 220762-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944,1945,1940s

Country: Belgium,England,France,Germany,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Aachen,Ardennes,Coutances,Huertgen Forest,Normandy,Normandy Beach,Omaha Beach

TC Begins: 03:40:26

TC Ends: 03:48:00

Duration: 00:07:34

WWII - 1940s, Military History: The 1st Infantry Division / Big Red One in World War 2, 1944-1945 Training for D-Day invasion - loading onto LST & LSI ships. June 6th, battleship guns turning, firing to bombard French coastline. US troops down nets into landing craft. Landing on Omaha beach, classic shot of man killed on beach; move inland thru hedgerows & fields, battle scenes, digging in, treating wounded. Troops waiting in small town for 2nd outfit to arrive. Rest & relaxation w/ locals, helping old lady thru rubble. Soldiers getting haircuts, writing letter. 03:42:41 July 25th - Big bombing raid by allies, battle scenes, engineers dig up mines, clear roadblocks. Various shots troops moving forward on foot and in trucks, eating while walking on dusty road. 03:43:54 Montage: Division enters Coutances, Mortain, Etampes, Meaux, & Soissons and enters Belgium 03:44:13 German POWs. Siegfried Line. Troops take communion - battlefield service. Troops battle for Aachen, 03:45:27 Aachen in ruins surrenders, 21Oct44. White flag from window, tank rolls over Nazi flag. 03:45:15 Huertgen Forest battle scenes, wounded, mud. 03:45:4? Rest; MCU feet of soldier walking w/ woman in heels, outside doorway. 03:45:5? Animated map of Belgium & Germany frontlines exploding to tanks advance & advance in cold & snow in Ardennes. MCU German soldiers & their big guns firing. US advancing, past dead. Jeesp & trucks along muddy road. 03:46:1? LS Rhine river & smoking opposite bank; approaching the Remagen Bridge, crossing & fighting thru Germany. 03:47:08 May45 at wars end, 1st Infantry is in Czechoslovakia. CU faces. Nazi war criminals in Nuremberg courtroom. Superimposed soldier & “Duty First”. WW2; Fighting; Battles; 1944; Battle of the Bulge; 1945; Compilation Documentary;

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