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WWII - 1944, Churchill & Eisenhower Inspecting 9th Air Force Station, Mar44

Reel Number: 250019-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: England,United Kingdom


TC Begins: 12:03:41

TC Ends: 12:15:20

Duration: 00:11:39

WWII - 1944, Churchill & Eisenhower Inspecting 9th Air Force Station, Mar44 Officer inspecting paratroops parachutes & packs outside C47 no. 224132; men boarding for maneuver. 12:04:09 CU paratrooper inspecting equipment packs attached to underside of C-47. Paratrooper inside plane moving tires. 12:04:36 Jeeps w/ army officers & civilian past on country lane; ambulance w/ men around beside road. 12:04:43 Formations of planes high over trees. 12:04:56 Two men carrying injured man on stretcher across field littered w/ equipment, set down to rest. Loading into rear of ambulance. 12:05:21 LS jeeps past on lane seen from field. 12:05:36 Paratroops beside C47, one attaching chest parachute on other. Officer inspecting reserve chutes & then boarding plane. 12:06:36 Man inspecting equipment strapped beneath plane. 12:06:42 MS Army photographers around Churchill & officer on field; officer to microphone, MOS. 12:06:57 Paratroops marching w/ unit flags & gather. 12:07:03 Churchill at mic while standing in jeep. Takes off hat while talking (MOS). 12:07:52 Soldier throws duffle bag onto ground w/ others; men drop tailgates of army trucks & men / pilots boarding; loading large canvas bags. Dog mascot. Trucks, some pulling trailers leaving down road w/ troops. 12:08:49 Army officers & journalists gather around glider w/ nose opened. Churchill walking w/ Eisenhower & others past paratroops & equipment on ground. 12:09:26 Various shots on viewing platform & ground watching parachutes descend in maneuver. 12:11:05 Churchill helped in & out of C47. Viewing glider; walking across field. Inspecting paratroop. CUs. 12:12:06 Churchill, Eisenhower & Brig. General Maxwell Tahylor. Walking past military band & unit, inspecting. 12:13:07 Watching descending parachutes from platform. 12:13:34 Churchill into jeep w/ Ike & Taylor. 12:13:47 Ambulance w/ parachute in tree behind. Planes overhead. 12:14:13 Churchill, Ike & Taylor reviewing troops. Units on field, CU Ike; MCU Churchill at mic. WW2 Pre-D-Day;

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