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WWII - 1944, England, 82nd Airborne Preparations for D-Day

Reel Number: 250072-22

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: France

Location: Mere Eglise,Normandy Invasion,St

TC Begins: 23:18:58

TC Ends: 23:29:04

Duration: 00:10:06

WWII - 1944, England, 82nd Airborne Preparations for D-Day INV 66 Slate: 08Jun44 Camera: Sgt Shelton 165 4th Infantry. CU Sign 34 km to Cherbourg, 8 km to Montebourg. Destroyed tank / French artillery on road. MS. CU of hole thru metal. Jeep around; jeeps & men down road. 23:19:53 01:38:35 GIs on horseback thru destroyed village, one poses chewing on cigar. Sign behind Ravenoville 8 km, La Mer 9 km. 23:20:06 Slate: 16th 4th Inf Div. Shelton. Jeep thru village on dusty road. Soldier resting in doorway of heavily damaged house; others on sidewalk alongside row houses. MCU four w/ bottle of wine & sandwiches. CU drinking from bottle. 23:21:04 Wooden sign: St Mere Eglise, w/ bullet holes in it, metal sign saying same. 23:21:21 Destroyed village & car outside building w/ sign Hotchkiss Garage Central... 23:21:44 One star General in jeep thru, inspecting; CU smiling. 23:22:15 C 47s pulling gliders past; various shots (taking off?) leaving over fields & hedgerow;. 23:25:00 Towing high in sky overhead. 23:25:58 Over hilltops. 23:26:40 Against clouds. 23:27:01 Over field w/ C-47 on ground. WW2; 08Jun44; D-Day Invasion; Normandy; 1944;

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