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WWII - 1944, England Gliders w/ Paratroopers & Ships Loaded For Normandy Invasion. Jun44

Reel Number: 250078-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: England,France,United Kingdom

Location: Normandy Preparations

TC Begins: 10:00:11

TC Ends: 10:08:21

Duration: 00:08:10

WWII - 1944, England Gliders w/ Paratroopers & Ships Loaded For Normandy Invasion. Jun44 British Airborne soldiers, many in berets, being handed rations, including French francs from box marked Invasion Currency, CUs. MS three men scratching heads while looking at currency / invasion money. 10:00:35 Men inspecting motorcycles; painting; working on radios. Box machine guns, prepare shell magazines, etc. Check pistols. Making last checks of equipment etc. 10:02:01 Sharpening knives on grinding wheel. 10:02:07 Pan over soldiers standing w/ packs. 10:02:14 MC Synchronizing watches & getting aboard trucks. Putting pigeon in canister. Trucks & jeeps, marching to gliders lining field. MS windsock. 10:03:16 Men listen to last orders, cheering; looking at maps. 10:03:48 Gliders on field, loaded w/ artillery & jeeps. Large cylinders (machine guns?) moved. 10:04:43 Gliders towed by tractors. 10:04:58 Late night shots of the last mug of tea before heading out, men silhouetted. Men preparing to board; blacken faces. 10:05:50 Officer watching at dock as tanks & equipment being loaded for shipping to France. Ships in harbor w/ barrage balloons above. 10:06:42 MCU men on ships leaving, watching other ships. Pan ship w/ camouflage netting; CU man reading guidebook to France; others reading. Soldiers eating on shipboard. 10:08:03 Tilt down beneath camouflage netting to men lying smoking under blankets & tarps. WW2; D-Day Invasion Preparations; Jun44; LCTs;

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