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WWII - 1944, France: D-Day Invasion, Shipboard & Unloading Equipment; Preparations - Southampton, 10Jun44

Reel Number: 220450-10

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: England,France,United Kingdom,USA

Location: English Channel - Omaha Beach,Normandy,southampton

TC Begins: 20:18:09

TC Ends: 20:30:01

Duration: 00:11:52

WWII - 1944, France: D-Day Invasion, Shipboard & Unloading Equipment; Preparations - Southampton, 10Jun44 INV 103 Slate: illegible. Pan from LCI (?) of many ships underway w/ barrage balloons, liberty ships & LCIs. 20:18:52 Rhino barge w/ tanks & trucks. Fires burn on beach. Men off LCI into water wading to shore. 20:19:18 Unloading boxes of ammo to DUKW from beached US 638; men carry boxes ashore. 20:20:02 Overturned jeep & bogged tanks in sand. DUKW being towed by bulldozer. Rhino barges stuck & waves breaking w/ much equipment mired on beach. Men wading ashore from LCMs. 20:21:28 Wounded treated on beach w/ plasma to wounded on beach. Pit w/ many medics & many wounded. 20:22:06 Rhino barges loaded w/ trucks seen from beach. DUKWs at edge of surf stuck in mud along w/ tanks, trucks. View of tanks etc. up from beach w/ troops on board, pulling Howitzers, other guns. French civilians & US move up from beach. High speed tractors pulling & GIs w/ mine detectors. 20:23:41 Troops off LCI wading ashore. View of beachhead chaos from edge of ridge. GOOD. 20:24:46 INV 105 Large floating crane lowering smaller boat into water. Men working logs in boom. 20:25:18 Slate: Camera Pvt. Walker, Invasion Port, 10Jun44. R5, MCU Winch operators, man on logs w/ cable & guiding them. View of crane lifting log. (previous has some light flashing) 20:26:55 Slate: same. Tugboat Emp Belle & slate same but location of Southhampton. Large ships behind smaller & crane lifting small boat & placing into water. 20:28:20 Men in full packs boarding large ship; Loading army trucks onto ship w/ crane. Black soldiers on dock & working on shipboard. Lowering trucks into hold. WW2; D-Day related activity; Normandy, France; NOTE: Partial or all sold at per reel rate.

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