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WWII - 1944, French Newsreel, #17 & #18 - Vichy, France

Reel Number: 221721-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944,

Country: Belgium,France,Germany,Greece,USA

Location: Athens,Carpathians,Dour,Paris,Rouen

TC Begins: 02:55:46

TC Ends: 03:06:44

Duration: 00:10:58

WWII - 1944, France: French Newsreel, Vichy, France CU Joseph Darnand w/ Police Director General Andre Parmentier, inspecting French police at attention in city plaza; & placing guidon flag for bravery against terrorist organizations (aka resistance). 02:56:07 Marching military band along street; civilian crowd entering Vel’ d’Hiv / Paris Velodrome / large exhibition hall. Military & civilian VIPs thru crowd giving Nazi fascist salute; high angle of seated crowd on hall floor as military band plays anthem & crowd salutes at service for war casualties (?). Speaking of youth, “what are we now a country of no army, no navy, no colonies. We must rebuild...” Captain de Vassont (?)talks “of seeing the flag planted that our Legionnaires kiss every morning”. Lt. Roland Gaucher speaks SOF: “Public institutions can do a lot but its up to the French youth to act.” Mgr. Mayol de Lupe SOF re Operation Barbarossa. “writing history w/ their blood on the Russian Steppes. Will you understand the spiritual dimension of the French Legion?” Youth in uniforms listening. Various French officers, some w/ many medals, crowd shots from various angles & distances listening, applauding. 02:57:57 French Mayor (?) wearing medals speaking. 02:58:21 Civilian Jacques Doriot w/ medals escorted to stage, speaks. “...salute those pioneers who have faced the harshness of combat since 1941 & winter 1941...thanks to the Legion...youth have been alive in the most important era of history & you’re wasting your time...” Standing applause & fascist salutes. 02:59:34 President Georgios Rallis, & Nazi officers reviewing Greek soldiers in skirt uniforms in Athens, Greece square, wreath laying at Tomb of Unknown Soldiers, & Greek soldiers march. 03:00:11 Title: Dans Les Carpathes. Carpathians in native dress walk thru snow, into church, fiddlers. Riding on sleighs as fiddlers play for wedding. 03:00:47 Title: Anniversaire. Marshall Henri Petain, 88 years old 24Apr44 out of building, saluting as flag raised, soldiers at attention; Petain shaking hands & walking past cheering crowds; children give bouquets. 03:01:28 Ext of large building, Dour, Belgium & sign: Exposition La Voie et L’oeuvre du Marechal Petain. Soldiers looking at pictures of his life. 03:01:51 Petain w/ others, daily walk, thru streets, park; gives bouquet to wife exiting Church. Outside home, Pavillon Sevigne, posing, CUs. Interior, w/ kids. Ext. Chateau de Charmeille in civilian clothes reviewing & Petain awarding medals to his personal guards. Soldiers take picture, child kisses him. 03:03:06 Petain w/ Philippe ? (minister of education?) talking to VIPs or celebrities or ?? 03:03:28 Petain at desk, male secretary (?) enters, Petain talks to microphone, camera & secretary about his birthday celebration that was unnecessary. Talks of French praying for American & British planes...first & foremost we should remain French & speak French. Talks of threat of invasion. 03:04:28 Title: Bombardment. 22Apr44 Night & burning fires north of Paris w/ suburbs burning, silhouetting firemen; day & smoking rubble being hosed down in middle of city. Pan over wreckage. Narration blaming British & Americans & danger of time bombs. Damaged buildings near large church. Civilian VIPs inspecting, pan damaged buildings of Catholic hospital or school, nun looking; women passing tables etc. out of destroyed building. 03:06:08 Rouen damage & Palais du Justice; Cathedral damaged. Interior w/ priest gesturing to damage. 03:06:21 Women on street passing out seized food from blackmarket sandwiches, crackers (?) to kids. LS table & sign Milice Francaise w/ crowd of men & women getting food & canned goods. WW2 Vichy France; Bombing Damage; WWII Nazi Propaganda (?); Pre D-Day; NOTE: Partial or entire reel sold at per reel rate.

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