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WWII - 1944, Normandy D-Day Naval Landing

Reel Number: 250054-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: France

Location: Normandy

TC Begins: 10:55:52

TC Ends: 11:05:44

Duration: 00:09:52

WWII - 1944, Normandy D-Day Naval Landing Slate: Combat Photo Unit 8 US Navy. LS Landing craft & LST underway; view towards shore of landing craft. LS Tuscaloosa (CA-37) firing naval guns. 10:57:13 MCU LCI bridge, officers / talker w/ binoculars & helmet & soft cap, scan shore; signal man w/ blinker light, blinking to ?? 10:57:58 Pan shoreline. Landing craft pass camera, others behind. LST & other ships to shore. 10:59:12 LS to sandy shore w/ landing craft. 10:59:54 CU men in LCVP landing craft w/ machine guns mounted. CUs. 11:00:15 Smoke on shore, landing craft heading in. Men wading ashore. Explosions inland seen from close to shore. MCU men wading from landing craft. 11:01:20 Man walking on mud flats w/ beached ships behind. 11:01:32 Explosion in sand dunes, CU. Navy beach defense battalion dig in, men fill sandbags on beach, CUs, GI smoking, others working to sandbag emplacement. 11:02:27 Navy Medic flag on beach, wounded carried on stretcher, loaded on jeep. Men on beach; sign: Navy Beach C.P. German w/ bandaged head wound walked by medic, CU. Walked along beach path. 11:03:33 Views to sea w/ formation of DC-3 planes w/ gliders low. 11:04:40 Large freighter / cargo ship anchored; LST ships & barrage balloons scene from circling boat. WW2 Invasions; NOTE: Sold at per reel rate.

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