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WWII - 1944, Weekly Digest No. 34: D-Day; 12Jun44

Reel Number: 250019-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: England,France,Indonesia,Italy,United Kingdom

Location: Biak,dutch new guinea,Guernsey Island,Normandy,Schouten Islands,Siena

TC Begins: 12:15:27

TC Ends: 12:25:16

Duration: 00:09:49

Titles. 12:15:51 D-Day. 22:00 05Jun44. C-47s lined up filling field / English airport. CUs American airborne troops & paratroopers w/ faces blackened into planes. MCUs paratroopers put on Mae West life-jackets, full field packs & parachutes. March to planes waving. GOOD. 12:17:22 LS, briefing in plane doorway; reading message from Gen Dwight D Eisenhower. 12:17:50 CU, name C-47 "That's All Brother". Board plane. 12:18:16 CU, Lt Gen Lewis B Brereton gives trooper a rabbit's foot. Transports taking off at night w/ wing tip lights on. AVs English Channel, invasion fleet convoy below, fighter craft above; Guernsey Island. 12:19:37 Medium bombers strafing light house. B26 dropping stick of 16 bombs; explosions below. (Static on film). Smoke & explosions from 2000 lb bombs NE of Le Havre, France w/ explosions. GOOD 12:20:46 Intertitle: BOMBING OF BIAK ISLAND. Schouten Islands, Dutch N Guinea. 11May44. CU, animated map; bombs dropping & exploding on Biak Island runway, many craters. 12:24:24 12May44 MS & CU, B24 Liberator bombers bombing island. MS Parachute dropping into sea; flares, smoke markers & life raft and radio dropped. 12:22:02 14May44 CUs 500 lb bombs falling, bursting on Japanese AA guns on beach. VERY GOOD. 12:22:47 17May44 Bosnick Village hit again by 100 lb bombs from B24s on ammunition dumps. 12:23:16 Title: Air Attacks Against Italy. Map showing Siena. Apr44. Marauder B26 bombers take off from Sardinia, shadows of formation across ground. View from cockpit w/ pilot controls, CU bomb bay doors opening. AVs B26s dropping 1000 lb bombs on RR yards; bombs bursting below seen hitting railroad yard. Abrupt end. WW2; WWII AAF; NOTE: VERY GOOD, sharp & clean, good audio.

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