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WWII - 1945, USA Government Documentary: True Glory, The R3 of 9

Reel Number: 220762-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: England,France,United Kingdom,USA

Location: London,Normandy

TC Begins: 03:17:03

TC Ends: 03:25:59

Duration: 00:08:56

WWII - USA: European Historical Compilation, 1944-1945 R3 of 9 D-Day invasion ships at sea, AV flying over coast of Normandy, ground to air, planes carrying paratroops fly over. Interior plane, paratroops jump. Fleet at sea. Gliders towed and released behind beaches. Good shots ships nearing Normandy - on board activities. Big guns firing broadsides at Normandy coast. Aircraft over. Very good aerial shot bombing French coastline, ships bombardment of coastline, soldiers into landing craft. Shots in British & American boats as approach beaches. Landing craft hit the beaches & soldiers out, troops wading thru water under fire. 03:21:27 Big Ben - Houses of Parliament, good street scenes London early morning & fairly empty. Brief shot of press briefing - reporters run from room, newspaper headlines re invasion. Men & women on street reading papers. Zipper sign re invasion. Sign re invasion day prayers. 03:22:02 Landing on Omaha beach - classic shot man killed. American troops on beach, some wounded & dead. German POWs. Naval ship burning. Medic gives plasma transfusion next to cliff. Wounded tended to. US troops moving inland. 03:23:00 Germans firing guns etc. German generals at meeting. 03:23:38 British troops landing at Gold Beach. Troops move inland under fire, hedgerows, crawling across fields & digging in. Excellent shots British troops make slow progress inland - artillery firing etc. 03:24:36 Montgomery arrives on beach. British & American troops move inland. Various shots air support bombing & strafing. Beachhead activities, men look at maps. Mass of US military vehicles & equipment off loaded, wounded taken on board landing craft. Mortar fired. WW2; 06Jun44; NOTE: Narration as first-person American & English troops.

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