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WWII - 1945, USA Government Documentary: True Glory, The R4 of 9

Reel Number: 220762-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: England,France,United Kingdom

Location: Caen,Cherbourg,Oradour Sur Glane

TC Begins: 03:26:05

TC Ends: 03:35:56

Duration: 00:09:51

WWII - USA: European Historical Compilation, 1944-1945 R4 of 9 British troops pinned down outside Caen, firing mortars, sheltering in hedgerows, aiming rifles. Soldier playing w/ cat. Firing machine gun. Wounded transported on jeeps. US Medics treat wounded in streets. Field hospital, nurses & doctors, surgeon operating in tent. Blood dripping into transfusion line. 03:28:21 D-Day Mulberry harbor activities. Storm. Unloading ships. 03:29:12 Germans moving towards Cherbourg. Allied troops & planes moving inland. Troops shelter in hedgerows. Troops thru farmland, cows. French women giving soldiers wine. Street fighting on outskirts of Cherbourg - artillery firing. Cherbourg falls June 25th, General Von Schlieben (?). German POWs, ruins of Cherbourg harbor after destruction by Germans. Allies make repairs to harbor. 03:31:06 Arming of the Maquis, French resistance activities, firing machine guns. Resistance troops in mountains holding up German convoys, blowing up factories. 03:31:39 10Jun44 Oradour Sur Glane - German atrocity, buildings in ruins, dead bodies on street, in fields. Destroyed church. Bodies under sheets laid out in street, women in graveyards. 03:32:14 Map Normandy detailing Caen. German troops firing artillery. Good sequence in silhouette of battle scenes, tanks across fields, buildings burning. Mass of aircraft fill the sky. Air support bombing around Caen. British troops move into Caen, bomb damaged buildings. Street fighting. Troops run house to house. Few locals on streets. 03:34:39 British & Polish troops moving up south of Caen, battle scenes w/ artillery, tanks etc. 03:35:29 Map detailing St Lo. German artillery firing, Rommel (?). WW2; Fighting; Battles; NOTE: Narration as first-person American & English troops.

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