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WWII - 1945, V-E Day Special

Reel Number: 220469-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945,1940s

Country: England,France,Germany,Holland,Iran,Italy,Russia,Tunisia,United Kingdom,USA,USSR

Location: Dunkirk,London,Monte Cassino,New York City,NYC,Pacific,Paris,Stalingrad,Tehran,Yalta

TC Begins: 03:09:22

TC Ends: 03:17:09

Duration: 00:07:47

WWII - 1945, V-E Day Special Intertitle: V-E Day Special. 03:09:27 Times Square day & night celebrations superimposed w’ headlines. Cinema marquee sign: “Wars End - Nazis Out!”. 03:09:40 High Angle / HA Nazi motorcade thru huge crowd; CU Hitler speaking (MOS) & rally spectators. 03:09:49 Montage: Animated map of German invasions. Fighter planes over stadium; equipment; Hitler smiling. Map w/ German expansion in Europe w/ iron fist. 03:10:15 Burning town in low countries w/ Belgium & Holland invaded. Blind man walks w/ canes. Dunkirk title superimposed over British troops evacuating. Map w/ France invaded. Churchill walking w/ civilians & military in street. CU.. 03:10:44 Intertitle: Bombing of London. London burning during Blitz, HA. GOOD. Map of invasion across Balkans, North Africa & Russia. 03:11:14 Superimposed title: Stalingrad. Tanks & explosion, German troops in snow, street fighting, German POWs. 03:11:30 President Roosevelt / FDR & Churchill shipboard for Atlantic Charter Conference. 03:11:42 Convoy & troopship crowded w/ troops. 03:11:50 Map of North African expansion pushed back. Tunisia: desert fighting, tanks & German POWs. 03:12:09 Montage: Map w/ clearing of Italy. Abbey of Monte Cassino bombarded. Rome crowd at Colosseum / Coliseum. Pope Pius on St Peter’s cathedral balcony & crowds below. 03:12:39 Intertitle: Tehran. Conference w/ Stalin, FDR & Churchill. Montage of many planes dropping bombs in raid on Germany. GOOD. 03:13:08 Montage: Map w/ clearing of USSR. Supered title: Liberation of Russia. Fighting, Russian troops in snow in white camouflage advance, tanks & rockets firing. Retreating Germans sabotage railway line. Russian civilians on road as houses burn on roadside - apocalyptic. 03:13:44 Eisenhower, Montgomery & others making plans w/ wall map behind. 03:14:02 Montage: Map w/ D-day landings clearing occupied territory. Landings; Allied troops thru French towns cheered by crowds & kissed by women. Ike in Paris & American troops parade under Arc de Triomphe. 03:14:49 Yalta conference. 03:15:00 Montage: Intertitle: Battle of Germany over night bombing. Street fighting. Map of pushing back Germany. Hitler & Mussolini during last meeting. Still photographs of Mussolini’s execution & body. 03:15:43 Hitler visits victims of assassination attempt or wounded in hospital. 03:15:52 Montage: Protestant, Catholic & Jewish religious ceremonies. Military cemetery. Pacific war battle scenes. Japanese plane shot down. Animated map of routes to Tokyo. 03:16:44 Montage: CUs Truman; MacArthur w/ Nimitz. Troops run. Fleet. Planes in formation. US flag. The End “Join 7th War Loan Victory Drive. WW2; 1940s; Newsreel War Summary; Fighting; Battles;

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