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WWII - Biography: General George S Patton Story, The (1984)

Reel Number: 250084-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Algeria,France,Germany,USA

Location: Algiers,California,Los Angeles,Metz

TC Begins: 22:56:00

TC Ends: 23:23:47

Duration: 00:27:47

WWII - Biography: General George S Patton Story, The (1984) Montage: Patton ashore thru water; waving clasped hands at passing tank, riding standing in jeep, riding on tank. Still pointing w/ crop in North Africa, zoom in on illustrated portrait. 22:56:43 Titles. 22:57:14 Stills of Patton as baby; fencing; cadet uniforms; football team photograph. 22:58:19 WWI tanks, posing beside in still. With many soldiers at Post-WW1 tank school. Costumed w/ wife as Pancho Villa , knight in armor. 22:59:18 Soldiers uniforms fitted onto enlistees. 22:59:26 View from ship Nov42 fleet invading North Africa, bombardment, landing & moving inland. Patton arriving & climbing out of jeep, people raising V-sign for victory w/ Arabs seen. Patton w/ French officers & down steps. Brief shot FDR & Churchill at Casablanca. 3-star General Patton leaving in jeep. 23:00:30 Desert fighting in Tunisia, artillery barrage, explosions. Tanks thru dust; firing. Gen. Alexander out of light plane, greeted by Patton. 23:01:06 LS road w/ burning, soldiers in foreground, MCU Patton w/ binoculars & tanks advancing. Much smoke & tanks racing across desert. Airplane wreckage & destroyed German tanks, CUs. 23:01:35 Patton up gangplank saluting. Shipboard w/ Algiers in bg, w/ General ?. Ship crossing, night & day bombardment, Patton watching w/ binoculars. Landing craft to shore, rough water; Patton to shore w/ soldiers. artillery firing. Talking w/ men, advancing thru town & Patton watching from balcony, beside road as equipment passes. 23;03:37 MCU w/ Montgomery beside car along dirt airstrip, C47 behind. 23:03:59 Soldiers Patrol street in Sicily; Patton w/ ??; prisoners of war; Patton eating grapes w/ townspeople; reviewing troops w/ visiting General Eisenhower. Ike & Patton talking indoors. 23:04:44 On platform speaking to new troops in England; reviewing troops before D-Day. Soldiers & martial arts practice, CUs. GOOD action. 23:05:33 D-Day landing, tanks ashore, Patton w/ pistol. Montage: barrage of heavy artillery, CUs. Tanks & infantry advance, rockets fired. POWs taken. Tanks, artillery move up; snipers & sharp shooters. St. Malo w/ troops thru, crowds wave, people kiss, drinking wine from cups. More advancing, road signs. 23:08:20 W/ other officers talk; advancing over Seine on pontoon bridge. Into reconnaisance plane. Air support & bomb explosions, tanks past destroyed smoking buildings; Red Ball express convoy of trucks day & night. Patton sitting in jeep depressed look. Tanks sitting. Ike meeting w/ Patton & Bradley, eating; gives medals. Artillery fired; street fighting thru Metz. Bodies; prisoners taken. US flag raised. 03:12:37 German artillery firing, explosions; German troops in snow. Allied tanks advance on icy roads. Heavy tank battle, blizzard, shovelling snow. Contrails overhead & aerial of bombers, bombing, tanks & riflemen, machine guns firing, CUs. POWs taken. GIs advance. Medals given by sign: Patton built bridge. 23:15:39 Aerial over Siegfried Lline; rocket barrage, tanks & infantry advance past dragon’s teeth. 3rd Army continues advance, crossing Rhine, POWs. Medal of Honor awarded to Pvt Harold Garmen. 23:17:20 Touring concentration camp w/ Ike, Bradley & others. POV thru towns. Meeting w/ USSR General. 23:18:23 Victory parades. Doolittle LA speech SOF; Patton SOF. Soldier Field track & field meet. 23:21:58 Funeral parade, burial & grave. Statue. The End. WW2;

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