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WWII - Color, 1944, Guam Invasion: LVTs Landing; Marines Wounded Evacuated. 21Jul44 & 22Jul44

Reel Number: H1362-06

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Guam,Japan,USA

Location: Guam,Marianas Islands,Pacific

TC Begins: 11:34:47

TC Ends: 11:42:13

Duration: 00:07:26

WWII - Color, 1944, Guam Invasion: LVTs Landing; Marines Wounded Evacuated. 21Jul44 & 22Jul44 View out of landing craft. LSTs in water; LVT off LST. 11:35:01 Slate: 21Jul44 Guam - D-Day, Camera Cpl P. Scheer. 11:35:06 View from LVT to shore w/ many craft around. 11:35:17 Marine running along ridge w/ jungle forest beyond. Prisoners of War taken across valley, Marines marching ??. Wounded on stretcher w/ marines around waving at flies & wrapping leg. 11:36:03 Marine digging foxhole or grave w/ Doberman Pinscher war dog beside. Marines around downed trees, equipment working. 11:36:15 CU wounded marine w/ medic taping wound. 11:36:19 LS towards sea, pan past village, marines moving up hill. Pan ships in harbor. Smoke & explosions on (Bundschu ?) ridge. 11:37:06 Slate: 22Jul44. View to sea, pan to left past destruction, many small craft in harbor. Pan back. Explosion at base of hill. Pan over equipment moving. 11:38:29 Marines carry wounded down on stretcher; walking wounded following. Wounded treated on ground, medics take pulse give plasma. 11:39:09 Marines in jungle trees firing grenade launcher or mortars, LS, MCUs. 11:39:40 Slate: same. 11:39:41 View to beachfront (Agat Beach ?)from hilltop; marines carrying down stretcher, many ships in harbor beyond. Views of carrying wounded across stream or swamp. Jeep to evacuate wounded; marines advancing past up hill (Bundschu Ridge?). Stretcher lowered w/ rope & pulley down steep hill. Tilt up to bay w/ small craft & pan across. WW2; Pacific Island; Injured; Animals; NOTE: Guam invasion began on 21Jul44.

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