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WWII - Invasion - Cherbourg, 22-23Jun 44; Diver into English Channel; Patton Speaks to Troops

Reel Number: 220286-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: England,France,United Kingdom

Location: Cherbourg,TiDworth

TC Begins: 01:21:54

TC Ends: 01:32:36

Duration: 00:10:42

WWII - Invasion - Cherbourg - 22-23Jun44; Diver into English Channel; Patton Speaks to Troops Men walk along hedgerow w/ picks & shovels, rocket launcher, ammunition. Down steep bank & setting up. 01:22:47 Soldier eating from canteen cup while resting on ground; others smoke. Soldier wipes fork on pants, drinks from cup. Appears tired. Sleeping in trench. 01:23:53 Men put on gloves; machine gun handed to another; look thru hedgerow. Riflemen advance; man on phone. 01:24:54 Machine gun firing. View of explosion on far hill. Man pulls back from brush & eats from can. 01:25:56 Men wheel ammo on cart along road under trees; resting & man massaging feet. Cleaning mortar barrel in orchard. 01:27:00 Slate 22Jun44 Germans come out of brush surrendering, hands on heads. End or begin INV 242. 01:28:08 Extreme destruction of buildings w/ soldier walking carefully thru ruins; looking thru window; GIs move along street of rubble. Troops loading rubble into trucks; clearing rocks. 01:29:17 INV 250 Diver in deep sea diving gear; lowered over side of ship on platform as military men watch 01:30:01 B 541. Tidworth, England - Patton Speaking to Men, 21Jun44. Gen. Patton out of car, salutes. At microphone addressing 7th Armored Division (MOS). Speaks to newly arrived enlisted men from US. Shakes hands of men. Faces as they listen. Men in background on stepped seating area leaving. Men salute Patton (sloppy). Large grandstand w/ car arriving & passing down line of saluting soldiers. Shots from behind listeners & facing listeners w/ MPs in front rows seated. WW2 D-Day Invasion Aftermath; France, 1944;

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