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WWII - Normandy D-Day ca Invasion - Crossing, Harbor & Beach Scenes

Reel Number: 220764-01

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: France

Location: Normandy

TC Begins: 05:00:13

TC Ends: 05:10:30

Duration: 00:10:17

WWII - Normandy D-Day ca Invasion - Crossing, Harbor & Beach Scenes LS Four small ships underway. 05:00:26 British County Class Cruiser w/ camouflage paint underway. 05:00:44 Slate. Large barge loaded w/ military trucks toward shore, land visible in background. Boats beached on sand, barrage balloons above. LST US 281 on beach unloading tanks. 05:01:30 Slate. MS Rough seas & stormy water crashing over wreckage. Shots of ships lying off coast in choppy seas. 05:01:52 Heavy seas on wreckage; small boats bobbing. Shots of ships moving about & anchored. 05:02:55 Steel floating pier built out into sea (empty). POV from water past pier, ship w/ barge alongside; views of shore town & barrage balloons. Signaling from shore to shiops. 05:03:49 Man taking signal flags from bag. LST convoy from ship. Two officers on main deck of LST, man looking thru binoculars. British LCI. Men on bridge of ship from water; USCG patrol boat in tow. US flag flying from mast above US sailors; flag CU. 05:05:14 Ships tied together, shore behind. British MTB tied up to coast guard vessel. Patrol boats(?) underway. 05:06:32 US officer speaking into megaphone. LCI with patrol boat tied up alongside, equipment on deck of transport ship. MCU. 05:07:29 USCG 60 patrol boat underway. Liberty ships at anchor in bg. USCG 17. USCG-60 05:08:02 Beached USCG 20, man on board; other ships. Soldiers w/ packs past on beach. 05:08:52 Docked patrol boats, oil storage tanks & warehouses behind. 05:09:22 Shipboard, men run to 20mm anti-aircraft gun, magazine loaded 05:10:02 Coast Guard patrol boat, cargo vessels at anchor in bg, DUKW past in water. Men on shipboard WWII: WW2 Invasions; France; 1944; Jun44;

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