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WWII Glider Program; UPT, Undergaduate Pilot Training; Instructor Pilot Training

Reel Number: 221463-02

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1980s

Country: France,Germany,USA


TC Begins: 11:13:01

TC Ends: 11:27:25

Duration: 00:14:24

WWII Glider Program; UPT, Undergaduate Pilot Training; Instructor Pilot Training Rotoscope, time lapse Air Force now titles. 11:13:22 Gliders pulled off by C-47. View inside glider cockpit as cuts loose; view from ground landing. 11:13:47 Title: Glider Pilots of WWII. Picture of crew. CG4A take off, jeep out of nose, artillery rolled out by soldiers. C-47s overhead towing planes. View of flooded fields. Landing & nosing up in fields. Taking off overhead. 11:14:45 Large German glider tail closed down & towed off. Glider landing in Crete. Army Air Force generals off plane. Stilll of 26Nov41 The Desert Trail newspaper: 29 Palms glider base story (reunion edition paper). Picture & motion of training intercut w/ actuality. Sicily. Stlls of wrecked gliders on land & in water. View of tow plane from glider. Many landing at once. 11:16:33 Naval bombardment at Normandy, landing on beach. Gliders towed off from England. 11:16:56 Pilot describes flying in for D-Day. View of gliders coming down, landing. Stills. 11:18:33 Setting up tow rope for pulling glider up by C-47 in flight. Last training mission of gliders in April, 1949. 11:19:05 Al Jennings, Hemmings? WWII glider pilot talks to camera about insufficient recognition for glider program. CU glider pin. 11:20:05 Woman: “I have always wanted to be a pilot.” Montage of training, flying, 11:20:34 Title: UPT Undergraduate Pilot Training. Jet lands away from camera. CU altimeter w/ needle dropping, head drooping from lack of oxygen. 11:21:06 Men doing calisthenics; studying; parachute landing practice; lifting; fitting uniform; briefing, men take notes learning to fly T-37. POV of take off from side & rear. Two in flight close by. POV spinning. Taxiing to stop w/ instructor. 11:22:48 Prepare for solo flight, signal, taxiing. POV above clouds w/ pilots head or helmet seen from low in cockpit. Clouds plane. 11:23:48 Classmates carry pilot shoulders & dunk him in tank. 11:24:05 Dusk & take off & two T-38s in fight. Men in ground training. Two T-38s landing. Hard landing w/ bounces. Good landing. 11:25:03 Air Force wings pinned on by wife or girl friend. 11:25:22 Two men to aircraft at Randolph AFB. Instructor pilot training; shots of planes in air w/ instructor describing program to camera. Views of trainee instructors. Helicopter pilot training w/ several shots. 11:27:15 Presented by Your Air Force. Military Propaganda; WWII History; Air Force Recruitment;

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