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WWII Normandy ca D-Day - Beachhead activity

Reel Number: 220764-03

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: France

Location: Normandy

TC Begins: 05:21:36

TC Ends: 05:27:27

Duration: 00:05:51

WWII Normandy ca D-Day - Beachhead activity Ship US 553 on beach. Beachhead activity w/ bulldozers & tracked troop carriers - pebbles on beach - attempts to dislodge landing craft. 05:22:11 Bomb damaged building on beach. 05:22:17 LS from water past ships at anchor, w/ smoke on cliffs; barrage balloons above. Shots from patrol boat of ships at anchor. Empty landing craft. out to ship. MCU sailors on board. GOOD. 05:23:11 Slate. Tug towing Mulberry Harbor section. Various shipping movements. 05:24:00 Two men smoking cigarettes while opening cans of vienna sausage on board ship w/ heavy duty can opener; shaking into tin tray. GOOD 05:24:19 Cliff at water’s edge. View of ships at end of rhino pier, barrage balloons above. LCI loaded w/ troops; sunken ships in background. Sunken boat with LCM alongside. 05:24:48 MS British trawler w/ two barges behind it. 05:25:07 Slate. MS Patrol boat anchored in swells; view towards beach w/ beached sunken ships w/ hills behind. USCG 25 anchored in swells. Another patrol boat in background. Various shots different shipping. 05:26:59 Waves washing over partially sunken ship. Landing craft in very rough water. LCT which has been washed aground; explosion on beach in background. 05:27:18 MS British LCT which has been broken in two; American LCT alongside of it. WWII: WW2 Invasions; France; 1944; Jun44;

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