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Nazis Strike, The R3 of 4

Reel Number: 221216-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1938-1939

Country: Czechoslovakia,England,France,Germany,Poland,Russia,United Kingdom

Location: Danzig / Gdansk,Moscow,Sudetenland,Vistula River

TC Begins: 15:21:34

TC Ends: 15:31:58

Duration: 00:10:24

The Nazis Strike R3 of 4 Why We Fight Series #2 Sudetenland - demonstrations & protests against Munich Pact. 15:21:42 Daladier returns to cheering crowds in France; Chamberlain arrives back at airport, makes Peace in Our Time speech - waves paper. Does not actually say peace in our time. Billboards & newspapers announce Peace in our time. 15:22:46 Animated map shows vulnerability of the remainder of Czechoslovakia. 14Mar39 German troops invade Czechoslovakia thru streets, people salute w/ handkerchiefs to faces. Animated map showing Poland to be next. 15:23:47 Chamberlain & wife with gas masks. Chamberlain addressing meeting ?? 15:24:17 Hitler into large ornate room. Moscow, Kremlin at night. British & French & German military officials. 21Aug39 Newspaper headline w/ Russian - German treaty. Posters; Stalin reviews military parade in Red Square. Hitler speaks at Nazi Party meeting. 15:26:35 Map showing strategic importance of Danzig. City of Danzig, Poland. Truck w/ German troops. Maps. Polish Civilians. Conscripts/ mobilization. Civilians building defences. Animated map of German & Polish military power. 15:27:36 German armies advance to Polish border. Polish infantry & horse cavalry. Diagram shows military power. Bomb loaded onto plane. Brief montage earlier wars. Hitler making animated speech. Big guns firing. German tanks advance. 01Sep39 Invasion of Poland. Luftwaffe bombing. Aerials of Poland’s airfields - strafing aircraft on ground. Dogfights w/ plane crashes in flames. Good AVs from planes as bombs dropped, explosions - railroad bombed. Refugee children hide in trees. Explosion. Polish army - troops on horseback. German army continue advance. Amphibious - new Storm Boat used to cross Vistula. WWII - Fighting; Diplomacy; Diplomats; Treaties; Alliances; Axis; Conquest;

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