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WWII - 1945, Documentary Features: War Comes To America R4 of 7

Reel Number: 220668-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1937-1939,1942

Country: Albania,China,Germany,Japan,Poland,United Kingdom,USA

Location: London,New York City,NYC,Shanghai,Warsaw,Washington, DC

TC Begins: 19:07:30

TC Ends: 19:19:36

Duration: 00:12:06

Compilation film. 1937 - teleprinter - message Shanghai - Japanese launch all out China War. Japanese battleships firing. Bombs falling - civilian bodies in the streets. 19:07:59 Brief shots Gallup poll interview re Japan / China war. Man reading newspaper. Dock scenes - export of scrap iron and aviation fuel to Japan. 19:08:36 1938 - Animated map re Anschluss / occupation of Austria. Newspaper headlines re Munich Pact. Signing of pact. Animated map re invasion of Sudetenland. Hitler in open top car. 19:09:17 Newspapers being sold on street corner - man shouting “ Extra Extra - read all about it” Headlines re Nazi Spy ring arrested. Interior cinema/ movie theatre - film showing Confessions of a Nazi Spy - excerpt from film - woman in audience looking worried. 19:09:53 German-American Bund marching - band - flags. 19:10:11 Madison Square Garden - Bund meeting - protesting man wrestled to floor. 19:10:36 Montage shots rearming of Germany. Japanese bank notes - armament and shipbuilding in Japan. Japanese and German military superimposed. Italy - Mussolini at Fascist parade. Hitler Salutes. Japanese Emperor Hirohito on white horse. Poster of three leaders. 19:12:07 CU head of Statue of liberty & montage shots re civil liberty. Gallup poll interviewers re increasing strength of American military. Capitol - meeting of Military Affairs Committee House of Representatives. Rep. Andrew May speaks re purpose of meeting to consider National Defence. Sec. of the Navy Charles Edison asks Naval Affairs Committee for funds. Graphic re increased budget. 19:13:24 1939 Animated map re Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia - Hitler smiling to camera. USA - church service. Newspaper seller re Italy attacks Albania. Brief battle scenes. Italian troops - some on bicycles. 19:14:05 Exterior White House. Interior President Roosevelt at desk writing. Hitler ridicules FDR's peace proposal before the Reichstag. (better version than is in The Nazi Plan) 19:14:57 Newspaper re Poland Invaded - brief battle scenes. Warsaw, civilians read posters - air-raid sirens. Warsaw bombed. Battle scenes. New born baby cries. Bodies laid on ground. 19:15:44 Men round pot-bellied stove in general store listen to radio broadcast. Chamberlain broadcast over shots war preparations in England - Downing Street - crowds - gas masks fitted - barrage balloons - soldiers marching down street and in lorries. Couple in bed listen to radio re fall of France. French artillery on the Maginot Line fires. 19:17:06 Gallup Poll re who caused the war. FDR requests Congress to amend neutrality laws. Senators Gerald P. Nye & Elbert D. Thomas voice opposing views. The Gallup poll finds citizens united to amend the laws. Arms embargo lifted. Japan at war with China - battle scenes - execution - dead children. Gallup poll re sympathy for China. WWII; WW2; History;

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