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Nazis Strike, The R4 of 4

Reel Number: 221216-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1939-1940

Country: England,France,Germany,Poland,United Kingdom

Location: Danzig / Gdansk,Vistula River,Warsa

TC Begins: 15:31:58

TC Ends: 15:41:07

Duration: 00:09:09

The Nazis Strike R4 of 4 Why We Fight Series #2 Animated map showing war in Poland & surrounding of Warsaw & Polish armies. 15:33:28 LS of burning Warsaw; radio antenna masts - Battle for Warsaw. Firefighting, building collapse. Street fighting. Resistance - shooting. 15:34:05 Diagram of German artillery advance. 240mm Howitzers bombard Warsaw. Germans load guns. Soldiers w/ fingers in ears. Hitler w/ binoculars. Warsaw in flames, smoke. People in church. Families flee. Refugees. Dead horses cut up for meat; dead bodies on streets. Warsaw Radio bombed. Warsaw surrenders. Germans soldiers in streets of Warsaw. 15:35:36 Animated map Danzig. Last ditch battle from Forts Island, off Danzig against German Battleships. Ships firing from Harbor. Surrender of Danzig. Polish prisoners of war (POWs) w/ bare feet march. Polish traitor points at loyal Poles. Execution. Firing squad. Line of corpses. Women weep. Mourning Nazi atrocity. 15:37:23 Hitler aboard plane. AVs burning & destroyed Poland. Russians meet w/ Germans in East Poland. Hitler quits. Diagram. 15:38:31 Posters announcing war. Mobilization in France. British aircraft bombing Keil Canal. Alert on German warship. Anti-aircraft guns. 15:39:08 England. Chamberlain in office. Enlisting. Winston Churchill and King George VI. British mobilization training. Home Guard. Churchill in vision speaks over montage of Nazi atrocities and victims; refugees of war. Children in ruins. (GOOD). The End. WWII European History; Horrors of War; Land Invasions;

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