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WWII - 1939, Invasion: Germany Into Poland (Baptism of Fire segments)

Reel Number: 221247-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940,1939

Country: Germany,Poland

Location: Danzig Gdansk,Warsaw

TC Begins: 04:50:00

TC Ends: 05:03:18

Duration: 00:13:18

WWII - 1939, Invasion: Germany Into Poland German soldiers crossing river Sam (?) watched by Hitler & other officers. Horse drawn wagons over bridge; Hitler looking at map & watching through mounted binoculars. Troops entering town of ?? & Polish garrison surrendering in civilian clothes. 04:52:28 POV through streets with banner Gofonhofon over street; across bridge & past docks. People running as Hitler's car arrives. Hitler eating at field kitchen by truck. Radioman in truck. Hitler before large group & posted proclamation of force in Danzig. German officers & Goering looking at map in railway car. 04:54:46 Hitler sitting alone. More looking at map, Hitler standing. Ship Holstein firing, on board shots & from other ships & shore. Raising gun. Night with tracers going out. 04:56:49 Burning city from water. Fountain of Neptune & architecture. Burning farm. Troops enter Warsaw. Debris. Wrecked railway & airport. Aerial of destroyed bridge; air to air of large plane. Destruction. Near 360 pan, destroyed wagons & dead horse of Polish Army beside river. 05:01:03 Panzer tanks moving & tank crew eating, shaving, washing. Lines of equipment along road from high angle. Tank down river bank. Small tanks down road past ruins. WW2; Invasion of Poland; 1930s; 1940s;

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