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WWII - History: USA Documentary: The World At War R4 of 7

Reel Number: 220443-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1939,1940,1940s

Country: Belgium,France,Germany,Holland,Luxembourg,Netherlands,Norway,Poland

Location: Berlin,line,Maginot,rotterdam,Warsaw

TC Begins: 11:07:09

TC Ends: 11:17:15

Duration: 00:10:06

WWII - Germany Into Europe Montage: CU tank tread; large artillery fired; explosions; planes overhead; aerial burning buildings; civilian refugees past destroyed house - good; dead men & horses. 11:08:02 Burying the dead. Aerial of burning city, Warsaw, excellent low level shots smoking buildings. Shots from reconnaissance plane. 11:09:04 German soldiers guard Polish civilians for forced slave labor army. Women queuing for water. 11:09:52 Hitler reviews troops. Soldiers on horseback - goose-stepping - military parade. 11:10:36 Winter 1939 /1940. Shots from Battle of the Atlantic - ship sinking. Sailors in lifeboat. 11:11:01 French troops man the Maginot Line. Underground tunnels - troops on underground railcars, POV. Neutral Norway, street scenes. Nazi troops invade Norway - harbors w/ merchant ships in Norway. 11:12:02 09May40 Montage: Destroying barricades. Invasion of Holland; Belgium invaded. Tanks - military movements past Maginot Line. Railroad; tanks. Short shots Belgium & Luxembourg; power of the army: big guns, mechanised equipment, paratroops, etc. no German casualties. 11:12:55 Holland w/ German troops fighting on streets - crossing dikes, using flame throwers - explosions. Formations of aircraft - German paratroops & equipment parachute into Holland. Tanks, bombers, big guns - Germans advance rapidly into Holland. Towns & villages burning. Dutch refugees including nuns and children clog roads; Rotterdam burns. 11:15:56 German planes overhead; dropping bombs. Explosions - ship burning in harbor. Rotterdam in flames. Germans troops in silhouette against flames. Aerial views from reconnaissance plane of devastation in Rotterdam. Dutch soldier w/ white flag of surrender walking down middle of road. WW2; History; German European Invasion; Fighting; Invasion of Poland; NOTE: Sold at per reel rate. Good quality & good action.

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